Who is your hero /heroine

  1. bonny2010 profile image69
    bonny2010posted 8 years ago

    I have had many throughout my life - each one to suit the times.
    Mine today is Susan Boyle because she was not afraid to follow her dream

  2. profile image46
    Jill Bruceposted 8 years ago

    First my Dad who endured his physical handicap with grace and courage while providing an above average income for his family and a wonderful childhood for me and my sister.

    Second, my husband.  Try doing this:  during the first year of our marriage, he said he was afraid his drinking was becoming a problem and since he did not not want anything to interfere with our relationship, he quite that very day.  Then 4 years later when we were in college, he was smoking a cigarette on the way to a doctor's office about bad headaches he was having.  He said he was afraid the cigarettes had something to do with the headaches, so he put it out and has never smoked again,  Gave up drinking and cigarettes cold turkey and has not touched either in more than 20 years.  What a guy!