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How To Earning Please!!

  1. waynet profile image78
    waynetposted 7 years ago

    Been here 3 minutes, where earning now? How make work? Hubpage not giving pay...

    Hahahahahahaha stop the madness!!!!!

    Seek the help at the links and use the search bars!!!

    Will it stop? no it won't!!

    Oh well...

    1. darkside profile image81
      darksideposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Ah yes, the typical post of a newb with little experience on the interwebs and a handful of substandard hubs.

      Next stop, believing that a high hubscore and lots of followers are needed to make work the earnings.

      1. waynet profile image78
        waynetposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        How get the followers shall I? My hubscore is low at 90 something the traffic is not good, how does earning happen for new hubbing? What is hubpage? Who am I? Why Do I Exist?

      2. yanminis profile image61
        yanminisposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Hey guys it is not fair to make fun of newcomers. I mean you did not start with all the knowledge you had I'm sure. I'm not new on the internet marketing scene and even I was wondering about the hubscore and the author score. In fact they do little to make you money.

        Though I'm still learning, I still consider myself a relative newbie. And yeah substandard hubs can make you money. wink

        1. IzzyM profile image91
          IzzyMposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          I'm still learning too! Hubscore does not matter at all so long as it is 75 or over, because below that your hubs become nofollow.
          But I'm interested in your comment about substandard hubs making money. I believe they do if they peak the reader's interest, and they then click an advert for further knowledge, but all the old-timers here say that the best paying hubs are the best written ones on a topic of interest, as they always get traffic which builds up over time. I'd imagine a substandard hub would soon get lost in the search engine rankings.

          1. yanminis profile image61
            yanminisposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            You are right for the nofollow links. If you are using hubpages as backlinks for your own purpose, then hubscore and author score counts.

            But if you are using hubscore to get rank on google, then hubscore doesn't count as such. It is the links which are linking to your hubs that count.

            I said that substandard hubs can make money but I'm in no way telling you that you must create substandard hubs to make money. Personally I have little experience with hubpages to tell you that.

            But what I know is that people are more willing to click away if they come to your site and they do not get what they are looking for. Let's say that you have a product site for a dutch oven but someone is looking for a recipe for this same dutch oven. If he/she comes to your page, sees your product and a link(ad) about a recipe, the person will click away '(and you get money). But if you have a recipe site, the person gets his recipe, then he/she has no purpose to click the ad.

            You can apply the same principle to "substandard hubs". The person comes, doesn't get what he wants and clicks away. Now this does not work all the time but works most of the time.

            Now a common misconception that most people have in general is that a hub must be long, full of pictures, videos, etc to be of high standard. Why hubpages tell you to do all this is so that people stay longer on your hubs. One factor (I think) that google ranks a page is the time a person stays on your page. The longer he stays, the more google will think your page is relevant. Also long hubs make sure that you get a lot of long tail keyword searches. So you will get more traffic to the hubs.

            A substandard hub can be relevant if the person who searches for it, comes and finds the information he is looking for in it.

            For a long term strategy, a high quality hub will do better than a substandard hub. But for this to work, you must seo your hub well. It doesn't matter that you have written a 2500 word article, if it doesn't rank well for the keyword you are targetting, then you will get only long tail traffic searches. Someone with a substandard hub but with good backlinking can surpass your high quality hub on the SERP.

            For a quick cash substandard hubs with good backlinking work well. If you are making a lot of money with adsense though, I don't recommend going with substandard hubs because if a google engineer check on your pages and see your adsense on spam-like content, you run the risk of getting banned.

            So weigh everything well and do what works best for you. Hope this helps you.

    2. yanminis profile image61
      yanminisposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Haha! Good one waynet! Actually if you are talking about my topic, I'm really sorry if it struck a nerve with you. wink

      I've sought the help from the help section and frankly the help provided are for complete newbies. There is nothing to help you if you've got a technical issue.

      1. waynet profile image78
        waynetposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Try emailing hubpages for technical stuff, they usually are quite responsive if you put in the subject line specifics...

        And this forum thread I was just blowing some steam about the constant newbies who can't be arsed to search for help that's already there if they just look....!!! I mean that's what normal people would do isn't it?

        1. yanminis profile image61
          yanminisposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Hehe most people are too lazy to search for a stuff. I guess the fact that they post here has got to do with the forum name "Need Help? Ask here" wink

          I too searched for a solution to my problem and I did everything I could to do to correct the problem but it didn't work out. I've contacted the hub staff. Hopefully I'll get a reply soon.

  2. Dame Scribe profile image59
    Dame Scribeposted 7 years ago

    Do you feel lighter now big_smile Nothing like a good release valve to give a rant tongue lol

    1. waynet profile image78
      waynetposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Much better!!! thanks!!

  3. skyfire profile image75
    skyfireposted 7 years ago

    dear friends..

    No long term plan i haz....so i want kwick cash... please help sir..tanks...

  4. profile image0
    JeanMeriamposted 7 years ago

    I kind of look at all this like a university. A few years to learn it properly and get going. Getting paid even a tiny fraction to learn without paying for the education is fantastic. Don't understand how people can think they will start earning instantly without learning the ropes first.

    But I'm used to this. We've always been self-employed in this house and are used to the feast and famine lifestyle while learning something new.

  5. myownworld profile image80
    myownworldposted 7 years ago

    big_smile  you forgot to add the all caps "HELPPP" with it....!

    1. waynet profile image78
      waynetposted 7 years agoin reply to this