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    skorphd17posted 9 years ago

    Will sumbody pleeeeeezzzz enlighten me as how to get into a free live chat room????
    I have tried everything!!! Everytime I google "LIVE CHAT ROOM" I end up in on-line dating HELL!!
    Everything is a come-0N to get you to join this or that service....
    All i want to do is participate in a live discussion in an on-line chat room!!!
    At this point I'd be happy chatting about methods of neutering frogs as long as it is a live , group discussion!!!


    1. elisabeth reid profile image64
      elisabeth reidposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Haven't you heard?  Live chat is on-line dating hell.

      Sorry...I don't mean to make light of your dilemma.  Truly, though, the only live, online chats I'm familiar with are the old aol chats...and no matter where you go, you've gotta watch out for the meat-market mentality but at least aol had some that were a bit less....*ahem*....icky.


      One or two.


  2. ysdata profile image71
    ysdataposted 9 years ago

    You can try  - there are some channels I don't like but others I do.