How To Become Good Huber

  1. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    It can, in ways, depend on your definition of a "good" Hubber.

    There are people who gets loads of outside traffic.
    Some people (maybe the same as above, maybe not) who earn quite well.
    Some are particularly involved in all/most aspects of the site (so that might be someone who'd get an "A" for participation and contribution).
    Is HubScore the definition of "good"?
    Is the definition someone who creates super-professional or super-well-written Hubs?
    (Of course, all of the above would make quite the Hubber, "good-wise".  smile  )

    Having said all that, I'd say just write Hubs with an aim for writing something that's useful and helpful, add good pictures and other extras, participate when you feel like it, read and comment on other people's Hubs, and don't forget to run spell-checker before publishing.  (Other than that, aim not to break HubPages rules.)  (I should point out that I'm weak in a number of the above areas - so I just aim to produce some version of what I think is decent writing, participate when I can, and try to be helpful if I can. )