Amazon Capsule Wrapping Question

  1. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 7 years ago

    This past weekend I was using my boyfriend's laptop, and the amazon capsules weren't wrapping like they do on my work computer. Is there any reason that is causing this. I was using Internet Explorer versus firefox. At home, I use IE, and it appears what it looks like on firefox, but I have seen it look different before at home and at work. (I hope that makes sense.)

    The text wraps close to the amazon capsule where the picture capsule falls lower than the amazon capsule.

    On his laptop, the amazon capsule stretches with a long white space until the left and right sides are even and the text capsule is square underneath the two capsules. Like I said, I've also seen it act like this on firefox and my desktop using IE but a while back.

    The second picture isn't an exact example, but basically what I'm trying to describe. I had to configure it to what I was trying to describe.

    I like the first picture, not the second one. It flows better the first way.