My Neighbors Drive Me Batty! Anyone else have neighbors like these?

  1. northweststarr profile image78
    northweststarrposted 8 years ago

    To the male: Leave the girl, and stop leaning out the window to talk to me about "where is she?"
    Now she wants to "have some words with me"!?!?!?! for THAT?
    You said you wanted to 'use me' to tick her off, lie, and say we had sex?  GET LOST. YOU ARE NASTY.
    I do know the intimate details regarding her violent felonies, and brag about it... 
    If she wants to "talk to me" send her over. I don't talk. I act.
    But seriously, Leave.

    To the Female: Look girl, stop popping out the kids with jerks, and causing drama.
    No one is conspiring to take your 4th (5th?) child away like the others;
    It is your own behavior, drug addictions, multiple arrests, suicide attempts, etc, that causes this. And you're under 25!!!
    Stop SCREAMING and breaking stuff, all night, all day, etc etc etc. The WHOLE building can hear you.
    Yes, I hear it ALL.
    Every Word.
    Even "I'll lie and tell the cops you hit me, I still have a bruise from last week!"
    You wonder why no one wants to hang out with you? Think about it.
    I should start charging you all the $$$$ of the Nyquil/Benedril/other "things" I've had to take, or places We've stayed just to get ANY sleep.

    By the way, the night you decided to "be depressed", drink/relapse, not show up til it was light out; well, your baby cried 4 hours straight and your man didn't do crap.
    And, please, I don't want to hear the details of you hanging out with another dude besides your baby's dad.
    (oops... wait still not sure about that DNA test are ya?)
    So Keep Yo Drama to YOURSELF. I don't share mine.

    Oh one more thing about "being a girl and never having to pay for drugs."
    You shouldn't have laughed and asked your man why he never had to pay either...
    i.e. in your words did he "whore himself out?" 
    Yeah, are you laughing now? Probably not.
    SHUT UP. And Leave.

    To BOTH of You:
    Don't leave your dog there unattended anymore.
    Even when you both leave and it's quiet... He starts to whine. And bark. and HOWL...FOR HOURS AND HOURS. And scratch the door apart.
    Someone I know already offered to "liberate it" because they feel so bad for it...


    Ok? To summarize: My sleep deprivation= your worst enemy.

    I've given you warning a plenty... even banged on the door....said "shut up the cops are coming!"
    Now I just Don't Care.

    Last Chance.

  2. EmpressFelicity profile image73
    EmpressFelicityposted 8 years ago

    Do I have neighbours like these?  No, thankfully.  What a nightmare.

    1. northweststarr profile image78
      northweststarrposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Tell me about it.  My sister has neighbors that called the cops screaming about guns and hostage situations.  Next thing you know, Swat team is busting down the door telling everyone to get down on the ground.  And the neighbor that instigated it all is 48! Aaack! So mature.