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  1. Falsor Wing profile image80
    Falsor Wingposted 8 years ago

    hypothetically if I did find a good profitable niche for my hubs am I supposed to keep it a secret so others don't make it more competitive? My natural inclination would be to tell people "oh I've found there's good money in essays about smack talk." but I've seen some comments that seemed to indicate I should go all Manhattan project when I find a low competition topic with good traffic and conversion rates.

    I put this question in the hangout area because its not really a pressing concern at the moment but I still kind of want to know.

    (Note: there is not good money in smack talk).

    1. Rainbow Pride profile image56
      Rainbow Prideposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I would tell others about it, but that's just me. I enjoy helping others and I enjoy healthy competition. I know I'm a newbie, but hey, I'm still allowed to have my opinions lol

    2. LarasMama profile image60
      LarasMamaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I don't mind sharing - for instance there are only 9 hubs in one category I know of (in babies section) and I've written that in one of my blogs. I think it's great to get in early but I don't know everything on the topic so I don't mind sharing so people who are more expert than me have the chance as well...

    3. TerryGl profile image59
      TerryGlposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, yes , yes.

      What you do is you buy the domain name for the keywords and load heaps of content on there. I do this now with auto content such as Yahoo Answers or Youtube and you will be surprised by the amount of money you can make.

      Write a few hubs pointing to your new website and then enter into your other web 2.0 submissions to link your blog.

      If you told me the niche and said the keywords, I would pay 2.99$ for the domain name and slap some content up there. If it was a dot com then I am pretty assurred I will get position 1. You will then miss out on all of the potential earnings you might have made if you were position 1.

      Therefore, keep it to yourself and be satisfied that your a quiet achiever. There are people out here who will seo you out of the water if there is money to be made. Rinse and repeat your keyword and make heaps of money....quietly

  2. Lisa HW profile image72
    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    It can seem natural to just want to share, but if you find you're earning well on one particular thing/niche you may want to keep it close to the vest because one unpleasant reality about the Internet is there are people lurking around, waiting to see what seems worth stealing.  Sharing your techniques and general tips with other Hubbers is what a lot of people are happy to do here, but if you have one niche that works for you, be a little careful about what you say.   smile  (Really - the scum-bags are out looking.    mad)

  3. Falsor Wing profile image80
    Falsor Wingposted 8 years ago

    many thanks. Its nice to find a straightforward yes or no answer to a question.

    btw it only costs 2.99 to buy a domain?

    1. Lisa HW profile image72
      Lisa HWposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      How much it costs and what you get with what price can depend on where you get the domain. 

      With Yahoo I got a couple of domain names for that (or around there), but then I had to pay for actual website.  GoDaddy did it differently.  They say you get a "free website" with the domain name, but they you charge you more for the package (and then put ads on your website). 

      With any of them there's - like - a ten-dollar "protection money" fee to keep your personal information out of some giant, world-wide, directory.  smile

      With both GoDaddy and Yahoo, either way, it cost me about $20 a year to have a website (and keep my name out of that directory).

      (Oopsie - I was answering your above post without seeing all that other domain-site business above your post.   (There was some kind of overlap in timing.)  Anyway, disregard.  I won't delete this now that it's here.