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  1. Moses Okocha profile image54
    Moses Okochaposted 7 years ago

    I posted this hub about three days ago and i haven't got reiews from anyone

    1. LarasMama profile image61
      LarasMamaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You need to work on writing more hubs before you work on promoting them. I have 30 hubs right now and generally get maybe 1-2 comments per day. Get more hubs and the people will come...
      I don't think I even got my first comment till I had about ten hubs!

  2. Super Chef profile image60
    Super Chefposted 7 years ago

    i agree with LarasMama it took me at least 8 hubs before I even started to see much activity in my account. now I have 26 followers and 53 hubs its slowly picking up. Also try to visit the forums and answer some questions. People will start to identify you then and may be curious,visit your hubs and maybe even follow you. Good luck!!!