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Traffic Arrows

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    TiffanyDowposted 9 years ago

    So I'm watching my Hubs go up and down arrow-wise.

    Why do some not have any arrows? They have to go up or down, don't they?

    I've also looked everywhere and I *think* I recall someone saying you could only see traffic as a whole and not individual Hubs. Is there a reason it's like that? Just wondering, since it's good to be able to see which Hub's getting traffic from what type of place.
    tiff smile

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    livelongerposted 9 years ago
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    TiffanyDowposted 9 years ago

    Thanks smile I've seen that, but it just seems to say what I already know - that it means traffic goes up or down. I'm wondering more about why the others don't have any arrows and whether or not (or why if not) we can see individual Hub traffic wink

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      terrygposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Im not to sure what you mean but if you go to each hub there is a stats link at the top to tell you about that individual hub, but I think you already know that.

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        TiffanyDowposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks smile Yeah, I see those. lol. Sorry I wasn't clear. I was wondering if there was like a single page (like the Squidoo dashboard) where you see a list of all your Hubs with each one's individual stats and then there's a link that from THERE that you can compare traffic. Just didn't know if Hubs was any different. I guess i just have to first visit each hub and then click on traffic stats.
        Thanks for clearing it up!
        tiff wink

        1. Inspirepub profile image78
          Inspirepubposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          The triangles only appear when the delta in traffic is large enough to be noteworthy. The minor ups and downs aren't flagged. If the delta is truly HUGE, you get a double arrow, up or down.

          You can see your summary stats on your profile page, but if you want to compare Hubs stats in detail you need to use Analytics. You can see comparison tables in the Analytics "Content" report, which breaks down your traffic by page (and each page is a Hub) - you can see how many visitors arrived at each page, what proportion bounced, and so on. You can also track for each page where the arriving traffic came from, and you can even visit the referring URLs when you see one that makes you think "why the heck are people coming from THERE?"

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    Eileen Hughesposted 9 years ago

    I think its quite funny I have one that all Ihave done is create page title and yet it has two views and half way up page of my listings.

    I thought the most viewed at time rose to top of list unless we sort differently.
    Lowest viewings at the bottom.  maybe I am wrong there