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Adsense on top of mys site

  1. world of the wise profile image68
    world of the wiseposted 7 years ago

    Hi, is it ok to put a large rectangle at the  very top of my site. I have one there and i have noticed that the infromation is below the ad and a user has to scroll down first. I am scared adsense might think i am inciting people to click since the ad is what visitors look at first when they visit my site.
    Need some advise from you

    1. kephrira profile image58
      kephriraposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Google want you to encourage people to look at their ads, and so consider clicking on them, by putting the ads in a prominent position.

      What they don't want is for you to tell people to click on the ads regardless of whether they are interested in the products being advertised. You will not get any problems from google about positioning an advert like this.

  2. BaliMermaid profile image56
    BaliMermaidposted 7 years ago

    If you have about 7 lines of text in a text module as your first module follow that by some type of link. What you will get is ads at the top, ads on the right of your text and a line of four ads under the link. This maximizes automatically the ad space you can get in the top part of the fold that the visitor sees first.

    If you still have questions about this, let me know by posting a reply and I will direct you to some examples.

    1. world of the wise profile image68
      world of the wiseposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Ya, i actually need some examples