Can only get 1 link set up

  1. teeray profile image69
    teerayposted 10 years ago

    I am trying to use the 'link' feature.

    Why can I not set up link objects? I couldn't do this from an IE based browser because of security settings in the browser, I think.

    I switched to firefox and managed to fit 1 link into my text but I cannot repeat this. I am doing, as far as I know, the same thing that I did when I made the first link, but when I save and then check my saved work, the link hasn't been made and the text is plain, without the link.

    Any tips?

    Which browser works best at this site? I am having a LOT of issues using firefox. Perhaps I need to tweak my firefox. I keep getting opening tabs everytime I click on something onscreen, hit an 'edit' button or 'save'

    Please let me know about these issues - they're very frustrating.

    Is it that we are only allowed 1 link in an article or something?

  2. teeray profile image69
    teerayposted 10 years ago


    Found the problem - browser problems.

    Darn - and just when I was about to declare for 1 day that firefox was the best browser! lol

    Not so - well, not for me at this site.

    I ended up using 'Flock' (which uses firefox extensions? I'm confused lol) and it worked, for whatever reason.

    Sorry for the panicky note.

    All clear now!