Google Maps / Map Module Driving Me Mad :)

  1. cornwall_UK profile image83
    cornwall_UKposted 7 years ago

    There's nothing wrong with Google Maps, or the Map Module - until you try to actually create a walk with the map module - and you live at the coast and all the walks you know are coastal or cross-country.  It simply doesn't work.  You can't plot "random places" on the map module with any accuracy at all.

    So, I am now stuck with either inventing some town walk, or plotting dots on a map nowhere near where the walk is and telling people that to get from A to B they have to follow the footpath for 3 miles.  I can't pinpoint the route at all.

    2 hours I've been inventing various walks, tried about six so far - lots of research and plotting, down to coordinate level, but it's just not going to work until Google Maps improve their mapping abilities in rural areas :0

    So - whine over.  I'm off for a coffee now and to come up with a walk round a town of some sort.  Or I might just not bother with trying to plot walks (hums marks the spot/topic of the day) as I was up all last night thinking about a route to start with.


  2. BRIAN SLATER profile image84
    BRIAN SLATERposted 7 years ago

    Two things to try- one give a more detailed description of where to go- remember walkers are not idiots and if something seems wrong it probably is, so they will look for an alternative route.
    Also its worth pointing out that no one expects to have every which way you go marked out for them, this is part of the exercise.A coastal path will expectedly follow the coast even if it deviates some times.
    Secondly, try down loading a map from google and then opening it on a new tab this will allow you to add things to red dots for the path- I have done this myself and it works, give grid references of where the path restarts or is difficult to follow. Good luck