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Hubscore without any hubs

  1. Mousey profile image54
    Mouseyposted 9 years ago

    Hello All,

    I joined this community only couple of days back and I'm still going over the help pages. One thing which throws me off is my hubber score. While it is not in the 90's, a hubber score of 54 with NO hubs seems to be confusing. How is this possible?  I'm able to understand the huscore- hubs matrix.

    Please advice.

  2. darkside profile image82
    darksideposted 9 years ago

    It could do with your activity at the site.

    There are also other factors. Check my hub on HubScore for more info.

  3. Inspirepub profile image80
    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    Your score starts at 50 if you sign up direct, and 0 if you sign up through a referral link.


    1. vietnamese profile image70
      vietnameseposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Has this been verified? I guess the one I sent the referral link would not appreciate this.

      1. Misha profile image75
        Mishaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        They won't figure this out until they sign up big_smile