Please, help Courtney, who is a real role model.

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    ReuVeraposted 7 years ago

    There is a girl, her name is Courtney. She was a regular school girl from a small town. She loved what all kids of her age love- to hangout with friends, to play sports, to laugh. She was also a great student and a great friend.
    At the age of 14 she had a snow tubbing accident while having fun with her friends and family. Since that time she is wheel chair bound. But she is alive and brave and so good! She graduated from high school with GPA 4.0 and now she is a college student.
    Courtney is a role model for anyone. She overcame the psychological hardships of suddenly having become disabled and her spirit and her soul are as lovely as it just can be.  She is a great personality, a great friend and a great person!
    Please, help Courtney to win a contest, please, vote for her.
    I understand, there are many kids in the contest and all are with special needs. Many of them are disabled from their birth.... It is hard to decide for whom to vote... Everyone deserves the prise.
    But Courtney is special already for her courage and rich spirit.
    Please, vote for her. She's the second row down and second picture. A girl in a wheel chair with parrots. Thanks

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    ReuVeraposted 7 years ago

    The first year after the accident Courtney could not move even her hands. Her friends were taking shifts to help, to feed her, to help with home work. After many painful physical therapies, Courtney is able to move her hands now. And she was always full of hope, courage, life.
    Please, help her to win the contest.