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im broke and I live with my abuser but have no friends and family to help out.

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    Rockerchikk7posted 7 years ago

    im broke and I live with my abuser but have no friends and family to help out.  I need to leave.

    I have no money and no options sad  I have a beautiful bunny that has kept me alive and sane with me.  I wanna die I really do but I wanna get help first. Please someone, anyone, please help me.  Im a good person with so much love but so much sadness in my heart sad please

  2. yvens profile image62
    yvensposted 7 years ago

    You always have an option; maybe now it's not that clear for you but, the most important step you have already taken.
    By realizing that you need a change in your life and by asking for help.  There's one thing that i really want to make clear for you here. EVERY ONE DESERVES AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY!
    I need to find a support group in your local city council and if that is not available and you are still being abused i strongly recommend the police.  Life gets better do not despair.

  3. kgnature profile image56
    kgnatureposted 7 years ago

    I'm so sorry -- I've been in your situation and know the despair you must feel.  Please consider going to a women's shelter immediately.  I don't know where you are, but in our area there are good facilities for abused women that offer a lot more than just a roof over your head.  You can get quality counseling, as well as help assessing your skills so you can apply for meaningful jobs.  In most cases being in a shelter will help you move quickly to the top of the list for social services such as housing, food stamps and job training programs.  Women's shelters aren't the end of the line, they are a new beginning. 

    There is no reason to wait, just go.  If you don't have transportation call 911.

  4. Chaotic Chica profile image77
    Chaotic Chicaposted 7 years ago

    I know it does not seem appealing, but your local sheriff's office will give you a ride to the nearest shelter free of charge.  Once there, they will help you find all the resources available to help you get on your feet.  I have lived in one of those shelters before and while it is not fun, they were very helpful even offering me free use of a lawyer to facilitate my divorce.  In my case, a good friend of mine took me to the shelter which was an hour and half away but afterwards I found out that sheriff's department would have done that.  Where I am now, I am very involved with the local domestic violence advocate and she let me know that their sheriff's department is required to give victim's a lift if asked.  The key is asking for help.  There are a lot of people willing and waiting to help you but we cannot make a move without your permission.  Please feel free to contact me personally if you choose.  I may not be where you are but speaking as a woman who has been there, please do not give up!!!!  You are stronger than you know, you have lasted this long with him, you CAN make it without him!

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    netdollarposted 7 years ago

    just a second...
    now just start a simple exercise
    and be amazed the real mantra
    of success is
    "Never Ever Give Up"
    and during the time u goto bed
    to sleep forget all the bad
    things happened to you and
    start imagining as if you are
    seeing a movie and see
    yourself and your ex abuser
    are doing a friendly act and
    just hear good friendly conversation
    between you two and also
    have a closer look as a audience
    u have to look at u and ur ex abuser
    it may sound silly just do this for a
    couple of days and letme know ur
    success ..
    Live Happily

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    wandererhposted 7 years ago

    I know a friend who was in a similar situation.  I got to know her only after everything had happened.  Long story short, she was suicidal at one point and stayed in a home for a bit.  Now she's back in society, and have a good job.

    While it might not seem so at the moment, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  While I don't know your exact situation so I can't properly advise, one option you can consider is to simply go to a shelter or police station with just the clothes on your back, and tell them the whole story.  And I won't worry about having no money.

  7. lostdogrwd profile image60
    lostdogrwdposted 7 years ago

    there are so many program that help woman in you situation but you being abuse you are made to belive that it no way out. as long as you live there always a way. find a shelter and let them know. also go to or call the police for that what they there for and can get you to the right people to help you but most of all you have to ask God for the the will to do what right for you and to stop letting  and needing anyone to abuse you and learn why you have to be independent to find the one that will be with you together for no one can make you strong and no real strong person want a weak willed person. but but weak people just love weaker people. only you can stop what happening to you and when you seek you will find all the help you need.

  8. tvalle profile image60
    tvalleposted 7 years ago

    One thing that makes me happy about this situation that you are in is you realize that you must leave.  This is a huge step and the hardest to take as well.  I do not know if there are any children involved, so for safety's sake keep in mind that you and your children will be fine without this person.
    Being involved in an unhealthy relationship can make you feel so bad to the point that you feel like you want to die.  However you must know that you need to love yourself now and do what is best for you.  This monster of a person is not worth you dying for. 
    Do not despair because you have no friends or family that will help.  This you will have to do on your own for yourself. 
    This is hard but think about all of the abusive episodes that you have lived through until now.  Life does not have to be this way for you.
    You are not by yourself for so many women and men go through this. 
    Now that you know you must leave take the next step and get out.  I know this is tough but believe me things will get easier.
    If you feel that things may get worse while you are leaving than wait for the person to leave.  For example if he/she goes to work or the store, gather your belongings (nothing to big) and go to the police station.  Here you will tell the police about your situation and they will and have to supply you with places for you to go.
    Keep in mind not to become ashamed about this situation but be proud that you have become strong and will not accept this abuse from this person any more.  Consider yourself lucky because so many people involved in domestic violence are dead.
    Personally i have a friend which i just found out about.  Her boyfriend was controlling and a jealous maniac.  She is a beautiful woman and now is blind because he shot her point blank in the face with a gun.  He was arrested and she is blind for the rest of her life.  Many other woman are dead from their partners who say I love you but they beat instead. 
    So take your precious bunny and yourself and head for the door.  There are people who will help you once you are out of this monsters presence.
    You must remain strong and may even need to get therapy to remain strong.  Remember that he who hurts you cannot possibly love you.   Good luck, set a plan to get away from him
    and enjoy your life.  he is not worthy of you!!!

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    dracaslairposted 7 years ago

    if it was me id runway to the police.you need a womans shelter.you can make friends their.some men can be so cruel.

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    diamondeyes72posted 4 years ago

    https://www.facebook.com/purplelotuspro … n=timeline

    What is the Purple Lotus Project (PLP)?

    The Purple Lotus Project is an Ohio Non-Profit Inc. and was created to provide education, transition and safety resources to men, women, teens, children and their companion animals affected by domestic violence and abuse. We are a volunteer organization that is seeking helpers. We are currently working on registering as a 501(c)3 entity.

    What are some of the services PLP provides?

    -Emergency Pet Surrender or Foster in order to provide the opportunity for escape to men, women and children who cannot take their pet with them and need to leave a violent situation immediately
    - Free public speakers on topics such as Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence, The Connection of Animal Abuse to other forms of abuse , How to develop an escape plan for yourself or someone you care about, etc.
    - Court escorts for victims so they do not feel alone, unsafe, or overwhelmed
    - Separate Support Groups for Men, Women, Teens and Family members of victims (contact for details and dates)
    - Hotline that is a direct link to a local PLP representative

    What will PLP be doing in the next year?

    PLP is currently scouting locations and working with local government representatives to open facility in Lorain County that will allow victims to bring their animals with them in escape. The facility will be SECURED by a professional security team.
    It’s time to change EVERYTHING.
    If you would like more information or to get involved please visit us at:
    www.purplelotusproject.org and click our fb.com/purplelotusproject
    Now There's Help for Everyone!
    Phone 440 201 9292