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My line of interest is not in the list! How much Can I make money then

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    indian repposted 9 years ago

    I saw the list, in which we can post our article. But my interest is none of them. Though they say we can also make money from other articles, how much will I make?

    I love sports and I would post articles on Euro2008 and Cricket Asia Cup. What revenue would I earn then? Any idea?

  2. Maddie Ruud profile image78
    Maddie Ruudposted 9 years ago

    Here at HubPages you can post on anything you like.  If you're referring to the "Topics" section, those are merely some popular subjects.  If you're referring to tagging your hub, you do not need to use any of the suggestions given, but can manually type in tags relevant to your hub.

    Revenue varies based on quality and subject matter of content, backlinks, and traffic, so there's no way of predicting exactly what you'll make.

    Hope this helps.

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      indian repposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you.

      And what is the average hub members are earning?

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    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    Depends how you define "average".

    If you take the total earnings of all Hubbers and divide by the total number of all Hubbers, you will get something less than $1 per year - but most Hubbers have not even published one Hub.

    If you take just the Hubbers who have published at least one Hub, the average would still be maybe $1 per year, because there are many people who have one or two Hubs and never do anything more.

    If you take just the Hubbers who are seriously trying to earn money on HubPages, the average would come up to a few dollars a month - a lot of people start out, do a few months, and get discouraged.

    You can expect to earn $2-$5 per 1000 visitors to your Hubs. I have been here 5 months, published nearly 100 Hubs, have close to 20,000 views over all time, and have earned the expected total of $40-$100 in total so far. (It's not at the $100 end of the range, either - still waiting on that first Adsense check.)

    Expect to invest lots of time, and to earn perhaps a couple of hundred a month after about 12 months of solid effort, and you will avoid the disappointment and frustration of setting your expectations too high for the platform.

    Note that income is derived from visitors, not Hubs per se - and outside visitors are much more prone to click than fellow Hubbers. If you are not already good at Internet Marketing, you will have to get good at it to make money.

    Good luck!


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      Whitney05posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with Jenny. For the first several months it's a waiting game for your first check, but if you're serious about it, then the payoff will be worth it in the end. But don't quit your day job.

      I'll say it took me about 5 months to get my first check, and since then I've made a grand total of $1,081.27 with Google alone, and that's with over 10 months and 367 hubs. Now, that's not much, but for me, living at home with just a handful of bills, it's not bad. So, as you can see it does take time to actually earn money, so don't get too upset when you're not making $100 a month for the first several months you're writing online on, whether for your own, new blog or on HP.

      In a way what you make will depend on your content, topics, and traffic. Some topics do better in terms of pennies per click, and if you keep unique content the traffic should come naturally. But, you should try a little bookmarketing to help get traffic.