Photo Upload Suggestion

  1. Whitney05 profile image83
    Whitney05posted 7 years ago

    When uploading new photos while making a new hub, is there a way that you can add the option to put the photo in an album?

    That would bring the photo tool into the hub a little more. It would definitely make things easier from having to go to the tool after every upload to put it in a custom album.

    1. Fawntia profile image
      Fawntiaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, I think that's a good idea. It might be a little while before I (or another engineer) can get to it, so I can't promise when it will be done, but I'll add it to our to-do list.

  2. Whitney05 profile image83
    Whitney05posted 7 years ago


    I was just thinking about it when uploading pictures earlier and how I was going to have to go in and change the album. It'd just be cool to have a one stop shop- upload new picture in a hub and go ahead and categorize it.

    Can't wait to see it in action when someone gets to it.