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Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures on hubpages?

  1. Anishpat profile image78
    Anishpatposted 5 years ago

    Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures on hubpages?


  2. chanroth profile image73
    chanrothposted 5 years ago

    Yes, I have problem uploading pictures as well! My recent hub has no pictures at all which really suck!

  3. sriparna profile image80
    sriparnaposted 5 years ago

    I have had no problems in uploading pictures so far. If I download pictures from the net, I save them in a folder and then and upload in the capsule photo. If I use my pictures, I do the same first save them in a folder in the computer and then follow the instructions in the photo capsule.

    1. Anishpat profile image78
      Anishpatposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Have you tried uploading a picture recently? in the last few hours?

  4. simpy63 profile image78
    simpy63posted 5 years ago


    yup.. Something is actually wrong with the upload recently. try notifying Hubpages about this bug sad

    1. simpy63 profile image78
      simpy63posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Its working fine now.. smile

  5. iefox5 profile image57
    iefox5posted 5 years ago

    Sometimes it is difficult to upload pictures on hubpages. It seems like kind of bug.

  6. Rebecca2904 profile image77
    Rebecca2904posted 5 years ago

    haha, yes! I came here to ask that exact question, glad it's not just me! (though I do feel bad it's happening to others, at least it's not something I'm doing wrong!) Hopefully it will sort itself out soon. Good luck uploading your photos later on smile

    1. Anishpat profile image78
      Anishpatposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      it looks like only some users are having trouble uploading images...I've seen other users upload images successfully, but I still can't sad hopefully it gets sorted out soon!

  7. Tonyx35 profile image59
    Tonyx35posted 5 years ago

    I am also getting that broken image icon, whenever I try uploading images.

  8. drspaniel profile image89
    drspanielposted 5 years ago

    Yes, unfortunately I am experiencing a similar issue! Hopefully it's just a bug which will be fixed momentarily.

  9. Silver Fish profile image82
    Silver Fishposted 5 years ago

    Thanks you for posting this question Anishpat! I though I was going crazy!
    Yes, I have been trying all afternoon, with great frustration. I have tried all sorts, saved my image in different location and as different formats, but little luck. I have managed to upload one iamge, but it will only display as half width.
    I will turn my attentions to writing the text for my hub, and hope this issue is resolved soon.
    Has it been reported to the technical dept?

  10. missa72542 profile image96
    missa72542posted 5 years ago

    I am having the same issue D: Hope it gets fixed soon!

  11. LuisEGonzalez profile image86
    LuisEGonzalezposted 5 years ago

    This technical glitch was fixed today. You may load images and they will show as they should.

    1. Rebecca2904 profile image77
      Rebecca2904posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Mine's working now too! smile

  12. Efficient Admin profile image92
    Efficient Adminposted 5 years ago

    I was having this problem for a while and posted a question in the forums but it was never resolved (http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/100511).  I just could not load photos without my internet connection blowing up.  I was having severe problems with my internet connection so I called my internet company and it turned out eventually my modem went bad, so I replaced the modem but I also reformatted my hard drive because the internet technician kept saying he thought my computer had a virus as well.  My computer is 4 years old so I thought it was time to do a reformat and start from scratch.

    So I reformatted my hard drive I am now able to load photos on Hubpages.  Also it is very strange that now my internal CD drive works now after the reformat.  Before the reformat my internal CD drive quit working and I had to buy an external CD drive and that's how I reloaded my operating system during the reformat.  But yes this was irritating not being able to load photos into my hubs. I can't say if others have a virus or modem problems but this was my experience.

  13. Rosyel Sawali profile image67
    Rosyel Sawaliposted 5 years ago

    I just uploaded some photos on my latest hub.. so no problem with it ^_^

  14. MargaritaEden profile image74
    MargaritaEdenposted 5 years ago

    Was your problem uploading resolved? I am still not able to upload, for the past 2 weeks I have tried and it's giving me an error.