How long to earn from Hub pages and how do you place pictures in place

  1. mymoney26 profile image51
    mymoney26posted 9 years ago

    Hi Everyone:

    How long does it take to see some earnings from Hub Pages?

    I have been composing my hubs in work and then copying and pasting to Hub Pages.  However,. how to I get the pictures to be placed where I want them.   In other words if I want a picture to the right or left of a certain subject instead of at the bottom of the page how can I get this type of placement?

    I appreciate the assistance.

  2. Whitney05 profile image83
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    Check out the content and formatting section on the Sticky:

    How do I move and edit capsules? would probably be the link you'll need to check out.

    (You can only get pictures formated on the right side, not the left.)