Let Me Ask a Few of Those "It Depends" Questions

  1. DNemesis profile image60
    DNemesisposted 7 years ago

    Many readers are probably curious, especially when they are new Internet writers. The questions below might trigger a lot of "it depends on many factors" type of answers--and thats very true. Nevertheless, i wanted to ask the following, in hopes to get individual responses...AKA personal experiences that may apply to someone but not necessarily everyone else.

    With that said, here's a little about me so far:
    I've been here for almost 4 weeks and have 15 hubs. I get around 1 or 2 views per article per day.....despite the fact that most articles are search engine-optimized. Am I a bit disappointed sometimes? YES. However, i also know all the rules of the game, and know how articles may need time to index properly in the search engines. So i try to keep those things in mind, keep writing and patiently "wait for my spotlight to come."

    I hope this post helps other new or confused writers.
    And now..... on with the typical questions:

    - How many articles did you write before you started to see over 50 or 100 views daily?

    - How many articles did it take before you saw a consistent amount of money deposited into your AdSense account? Consistent means at least .10 cents almost every day.

    - How many weeks were you here for before you started to see consistent earnings?

    - Personally, what do you think of my current amount of daily views? Were YOUR views also that low at the beginning with your first dozen articles?

  2. KristenGrace profile image60
    KristenGraceposted 7 years ago

    Well, I can share my own experience, but I don't think I'm the "typical" hubber...

    I signed up for HP, searched around for a bit, then challenged myself to write 100 hubs in under 50 days, and I did.

    Based on that information, I can tell you I was receiving over 500 views each day about one month in.  However, you figure I had 100 hubs, so it averaged to 5 views per hub per day.  Then, I sort of went back and reinvented and edited some of my hubs, began interacting more in the forums, doing even more keyword research, etc., and at two months in, I was receiving over 1,000 views each day.

    Now, I'm just short of four months here at HP, and I have over 200 hubs.  I'm averaging between 1,500 and 2,000 views per day, and I have been seeing what you call consistent earnings from AdSense for the past two months.

    I do understand that hubs need to mature, and it took some of my most popular hubs about a week before they began seeing major traffic.

    Hope this helps somebody!! tongue