Drastic drop in traffic

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  1. David 470 profile image82
    David 470posted 12 years ago

    All of a sudden, since yesterday, my traffic has been cut almost 50%. Has anyone else experienced this? I doubt I will even make payment this month - time for my moral to fall sad

    January is a bad month for most I hear, but my traffic was fine earlier in the month, and consistent.

    1. JD Barlow profile image60
      JD Barlowposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      My traffic looks like a comb on end. Spikes everywhere.

    2. Richieb799 profile image65
      Richieb799posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Dave, don't worry your not the only one experiencing a famine, I guess its something that me and you had to experience because we probably weren't earning enough to notice last January. However, I have met payout and I will be happy if I can reach £100 because that isn't a bad difference for my monthly trend

      1. David 470 profile image82
        David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        I was signed up with hubpages last January, but was not on here at all. I may have had a couple hubs, but did not know much about hubpages.

        Technically, I started here June 2010.

        Ironically, my statistics were up yesterday even with drastically lower traffic. However, I doubt I can maintain the CTR/PPC that I had yesterday so if the traffic does not go back to the way it was then it will not be good.

    3. kschang profile image88
      kschangposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Don't worry about it. Traffic rises and drops at random. Sometimes in drops on weekends, sometimes it doesn't.

      It's like watching the stock market just make you nervous. Look at only WEEKLY stats, or longer-term.

      1. David 470 profile image82
        David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        read bottom post

  2. relache profile image73
    relacheposted 12 years ago

    Day-to-day stats watching has too many variables to make watching it productive unless you just want to give yourself an ulcer.

    Try looking at week to week, or compare this month to the same month last year.

    Is my January traffic and earnings down from December?  Yeah.  Do I care?  Not in the slightest, because I just passed the earnings total for Jan 2009, which means I'm about to have the highest-earning January I've ever had in four years on HubPages.

    1. profile image0
      ryankettposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      That's a good way to look at things.

  3. Ultimate Hubber profile image65
    Ultimate Hubberposted 12 years ago

    Traffic looks fine for me but I am having the worst CPC in a long time.

  4. ahmar2 profile image60
    ahmar2posted 12 years ago

    It varies so much from hour to hour you can't really say anything. I think we should be patience and monitor it after 5-7 days it will give us a good idea.

  5. cre8tive profile image78
    cre8tiveposted 12 years ago

    2 days ago traffic dropped and for the first time in weeks I didn't have a single click. Yesterday traffic was back and I had one of my highest paying clicks ever.

    It seems January is all over the place.

    However when I get my logical head on and stop comparing January to Dec but look at it compared to Oct and Nov (I can't compare to last Jan as I wasn't here - well I did have 1 hub but I'd forgotten I'd written it) Adsense is nearly 300% up on October and has already matched Nov with 11 days to go.

    I'm trying hard to train myself to look at things in terms on months rather than days as days can be so variable - but it is hard to do smile

    1. David 470 profile image82
      David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      I try not to look day-to-day, however, this was a huge drop. I was fairly consistent, but now the consistency is gone.

      1. iQwest profile image55
        iQwestposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, it's funny you mention it as I was trying to get a grasp for what happened to my traffic statistics yesterday as it was down drastically.

        I noticed this because I've been on HubPages for little over two weeks and have written 25 Hubs.  As a result, I've been spending a lot of time monitoring traffic to see what's coming from HubPages, what's coming organically from Google / other sources, and trying to improve my Hubs.

        I only have a handful of hubs that are getting some organic Google search traffic.  My best performing Hub had its best day this past Tuesday and then went very cold, as did my other Hubs, yesterday.

        1. David 470 profile image82
          David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

          I had a hub that was getting 1000 views/per day, but it went way down. I have had things like this happen before, but this hub was getting consistent traffic if you know what I mean.

          I am getting the blue symbol on a lot of my hubs indicating traffic is falling. A few hubs have went up in traffic, but they were not best performers.

          1. Susana S profile image95
            Susana Sposted 12 years agoin reply to this

            Did you down a position or two in the serps?

            1. I am DB Cooper profile image64
              I am DB Cooperposted 12 years agoin reply to this

              I would guess this is the culprit. Search engines can be fickle beasts, and a drop of just a few spots from say #1 to #4 for a search term could result in a huge drop in traffic.

        2. David 470 profile image82
          David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

          25 hubs in two weeks is amazing! Keep that up and you will do great most likely!

  6. GmaGoldie profile image75
    GmaGoldieposted 12 years ago

    As hard as I try, I am a statistic slave.  The day to day drives me crazy and I know it! 

    Must move on and look at the overall picture. 

    Chin up - move forward and you will prevail!

    1. David 470 profile image82
      David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah GmaGoldie that's how I am. This often obligates me to write more. I am now looking for more places to write, and am developing a website where a lot of content needs to be wrote.

      Perhaps I need to work more on writing, write, write, and did I mention more writing lol.

      I believe I would have great potential on my website if I can manage to promote it right, and get finished making content. Wordpress is great, but I need to learn more about it.

      Currently, I am trying to figure out how to create drop down menus. This would make it look better to visitors.

      1. warchild75 profile image57
        warchild75posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Just out of curiosity what is your website about?

        1. David 470 profile image82
          David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

          A gaming niche. It needs a lot of work. I have SMF forums setup with it, and the website itself has a few pages, but I need to make it look as good as some other websites, or least almost.

          Some of my gaming hubs have gotten 10,000s of views(combined), and I am trying to focus on a website that is similar.

          If I could make drop down menus in wordpress then I could make it appear better, and be more organized.

          1. David 470 profile image82
            David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

            Just as a side note, I keep getting like a million comments on some of my Black Ops hubs, and I figured a forum would be good for people. The only problem is figuring how everything works, and I have no idea how to add adsense to SMF.

            Plus, I will have to get gamers to find my forum.

          2. warchild75 profile image57
            warchild75posted 12 years agoin reply to this

            Damn it!! it would appear you are my competition,i too am setting one up,my fifa hubs have had nearly 400,000 views in not much time at all,so i decided to put my love of xbox gaming into a blog powered by wordpress,i have the domain name but as of yet havent choosen a host or downloaded wordpress,good luck to you i hope it works out,let me know the address when ur up and running!!

            1. David 470 profile image82
              David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

              Yeah, my Nazi Zombie hubs got a lot of traffic. So I decided to start making a website dedicated to it.

              If I had a capture card, I would make my own videos, and post them on the site.

  7. brimancandy profile image80
    brimancandyposted 12 years ago

    Yeah this is starting to piss me off. I started out the day showing 245 views at the seven day level on one of my hubs. It dropped down to 200 about 2 hours ago. And, I just checked again, and it has dropped down to 188. What the hell is going on?

    How can your total count for a week constantly drop like that? It is dropping fast by the hour. Where are all these views going? I always assumed that once a page was viewed you keep it, now, all I am seeing is them going down. Not just at one hub, but all of them. I should mention that my total views have gone down as well.

    One of my hubs that showed views at the 30 day level now shows zero, and another one has dropped down to 5. WTF!!!

    Do I need to start documenting by the hour?

    1. relache profile image73
      relacheposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      The stats on this site are Rolling Stats, it only shows views for the stated period.  As you move away from a period of busy activity, the views drop off the report.  You haven't noticed this ever in the year+ you've been on the site?

      1. brimancandy profile image80
        brimancandyposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        I'm referring to my hub traffic statistics.

        I'm assuming where it says ever. That should be going up not down.
        and it is dropping like a rock. One of my hubs that had over 400 views on ever, is now down to 105. And this is just in the last couple days.

        I check it every time I am on here. And, I am going to start writing it down.

        I just noticed that my photo views have stayed the same, why is everything else going down?

        1. relache profile image73
          relacheposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          If an "ever" stat appears to dropping, that's an issue to email admin about, not bring to the forums.  None of us here can do anything about something like that (which is clearly a tech/reporting issue)

        2. profile image0
          TopUniverseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          I don't have any problem with  "ever" stats. As relache said others traffic counts are rolling out on last in first out basis.

  8. thisisoli profile image74
    thisisoliposted 12 years ago

    Have you checked Google stats, see where the traffic was coming from first of all.

  9. profile image0
    TopUniverseposted 12 years ago

    David, Can you update what about the traffic today?
    If it is normal today then drop in traffic may be of some other reasons. So no need to worry about it.

    1. David 470 profile image82
      David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      No, its been down for three days in a row.(about 600-800 page impressions) I am afraid its going to continue to go down.

      1. profile image0
        TopUniverseposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Best course to find the reason for that is  you need to identify the hub which drastically getting reduced views in last 3 days as compared to earlier and make in depth analysis of those hubs.

  10. dandan594 profile image61
    dandan594posted 12 years ago

    It is possible that google page rank update today could have messed with some peoples traffic, it should settle down in a day or two.


    1. David 470 profile image82
      David 470posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      What did Google do exactly? This traffic drop sort of happened randomly, and went out of normal consistency.

  11. lovelypaper profile image61
    lovelypaperposted 12 years ago

    Yeah, I noticed mine too are falling a bit.

  12. writersden profile image59
    writersdenposted 12 years ago

    Same thing happened with me also. Not getting much traffic.

  13. brimancandy profile image80
    brimancandyposted 12 years ago

    I checked my analytics and it says my total traffic is up over 300 percent over December, but that could be because the hub I created in January is getting a majority of my traffic, at least 64% of all the traffic for my hubs is going to my new hub.

    Which is why I can't understand why hubpages keeps showing that my page views are dropping. The numbers don't jive.

  14. David 470 profile image82
    David 470posted 12 years ago

    Well, today, the traffic is going back to the way it normally did. smile I have come to the conclusion that either the drastic sudden traffic  decrease was very random, or Google did some kind of update.

    Adsense is definitely a wild card, for the most part anyhow. This is even more true when you start to earn more because the variables come into play more. PPC, Page eCPM, CTR, and etc. A lot of variables are getting splashed onto a wall so to speak.


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