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  1. Aisla profile image79
    Aislaposted 6 years ago

    I looked into joining Adsense yesterday but was blown away with the length of the contract. I am honestly more confused now than before.
    Can anyone help me here?
    What are the restrictions in basic English?
    Do they own your work and what arethe things you really have to be aware of once you commit?

    Is it really worth it to sign up?
    What is your experience?Thank you.

    1. dablufox profile image56
      dablufoxposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It really depends on your expectations.

      Most people think Google has way to much money, even to the extent that it is a problem for them so they dreamed up the adsense scheme as a method to give their mountains of cash away for any cheap and nasty content you care to throw out there.

      The reality is however that for about 30-40 people that sign up for adsense maybe 5 will be able to buy a cappuccino a month and maybe one a cheap bottle of scotch.

      To make any real money from adsense and affiliate marketing you really need to be a solid writer, be prolific and naturally be inclined to produce a high output of good solid content.

      On top of that its essential to have a well rounded grasp of SEO and good mind for business and have solid research skills.

      Once you have all these boxes checked and some others that I have probably missed you have to be patient and extremely determined.

      It's all about increasing revenue over time, continually improving and expanding your content and revenue network.

      Ideally its a good hobby to start with, and after a year or two when you start making a modest amount each month, then invest more time and effort in and see where things go.

      The biggest trap most people find themselves in, is they start and after 6-8 weeks make enough to buy a cup of coffee and then give up.

      If your starting from scratch in Internet Marketing, you have to give yourself a much longer time frame to measure success.

      Hope I have been helpful.

      1. Aisla profile image79
        Aislaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Every bit off advice helps. Much appreciated.

        1. dablufox profile image56
          dablufoxposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          If you can afford $100 and look to become serious, a product called Market Samurai is a must buy, its just a shame I can't place any shameless afilliate links here.

          Also a very cool and funny guy by the name of Ed Dale holds a free course called the Thirty Day Challenge for all Internet Marketing hopefuls.

          By the way, i have to thank you for putting up with my dry sense of humour.

          Best of luck!

          P.S. Another kewl IM guy to look up is Frank Kern