Why are ads being disabled on my hubs .

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    Patronusposted 6 years ago

    I don't really know what is happening at hubpages.Why are ads being disabled on my hubs ? I had been away from hubpages for couple of months due to my exams. When I came back all my hubs had disappeared and sent back to me for revision. These were well written hubs.But I said ok, did some changes and send all the hubs back.All of them were published. Then out of the blue one of my better performing hubs on Katrina Kaif had all the ads disabled on it . My hub satisfied none of the conditions mentioned here to have the ads disabled on it. Inspite of that I deleted a Boom video,just to be on the safer side. I sent them a mail, waited for couple of days no reply. I sent them another mail and requested them to tell me what part of the hub resulted in the ads being disabled on it so that I could rectify/remove that part. I waited some more time,again no reply.In the meantime another hub on Katrina Kaif with the same boom video had popped up and ads were visible on this hub that was written by an experienced hubber who is active on the Hubpages for almost two years. Seeing the lack of response from the hubpages team I took down that Katrina Kaif hub.I was going to restructure it and submit it as a new hub.
    Now just as my Namitha hub has hit 70, ads have been disabled on it.
    I would really like to know the process and logic of how ads are disabled. Do the moderators disable ads as per their whims and fancy or their is some logic behind it. Disabling ads is big decision. Is this decision forwarded to co-admin(if their is one). Does the moderator who disables ads and does other moderator duties also write hubs as HP? It would save the moderators and common hubbers like me a lot of trouble if they posted a comment in the comment box about the part that they think is not OK and why so that I could rectify it.
    I would really appreciate it if the concerned authority/authorities tells me the reason for ads being disabled on some of my better performing hubs so that I can avoid it in future.



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    Maddie Ruudposted 6 years ago

    Hi Patronus,

    I was actually just about to respond to your email (we're a little backed up in that department right now).  After extensive talks with Google, we have tightened up on several areas that they feel are too sensitive to serve ads on.  Many of your photo-based Hubs are designed to titillate, and are therefore ineligible for ads in its current state.

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      Patronusposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      thankyou for your response. Fine by me. Certainly text is not the problem. Videos ? They are all hosted on youtube. So pictures ? But their are many hubs that have more racy pictures than my hubs.
      Anyways I will rectify the hubs .