Can we link our hubpage page to another writing site like AC

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    writeprofessionalposted 6 years ago

    First, hello hubbers! It is a grand pleasure to be among you all!
    I come here a humble writer sturggling to write and present Hollywood with the best and most compelling screenplay they've ever seen, while at the same time trying to write my way through the world of business and media showmanship on some interesting internet radio shows.

    I was wondering is it possible to add links to other writing sites we're at like associated content, editred, and such because some of them do not allow it in theirs

    As a writer, I can see trying to put your writing everywhere and on mutiple sites, but doing it with the same thing is/would be bad (don't you think), but if you're prolific and write alot, you wouldn't put the same exact thing somewhere else, I wouldn't think...

    No, but I would like to know can we? Add links to our other writings, that is?

    Thank you, I said I'm really glad to be here!

    Bobby :-D

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    ryankettposted 6 years ago

    Yes you can, but read the FAQ first as I believe there are some restrictions. You shouldn't link all of your Hubs to the same place, for example.

    Whilst my knowledge on this subject isn't tip-top, I believe that Hubpages also makes links NoFollow if there are more than 2 in one Hubpage. So if you want SEO benefits then you need to be restricting yourself to 2 links.

    Read the Learning Center (bottom of the page) or the FAQ for a more comprehensive, and potentially more accurate, answer.