Known as The Garden city....

  1. sugz profile image73
    sugzposted 7 years ago

    I live in the land that shakes and up until xmas 2010 we'd had  well over 3000 aftershocks... they expect lots more... that number grew an grew  to the 10's of thousands.. and...

    yes we got another big one... on 22nd feb 2011... 6 mths after the first one.. and it wont be our last..  sheit!!!
    today is 26th feb.. i don't know when i will be online again..

    ..8th of march and the shake that was predicted on the 5th... happened along with may more that weren't mentioned, but so did 90% of the others that were predicted... now we are pretty much sitting ducks waiting for the next ones..

    welcome to New Zealand's Garden City... Christchurch City...  now filled with horror and pain and fear. yet we stay and welcome anone who visits anyway...

    please do not use any degrading tones or be abuseive to anyone..
    I've thrown this out there for those who know people in our city and like to keep in contact with anyone around this city.. or those who have been through the same kind of shakes in other countries..
    share your experiences without harm and give support to those who may need it. smile