Sarawak Adventure

  1. Chris salako profile image73
    Chris salakoposted 9 years ago

    Like adventure and nature? I personally feels nowadays we all lacks of intimate feeling towards this activities. As we all knows, our nature throughout the world is fast disappearing and I think we hubber should puts our efforts to highlighted this in our forum so that we give and exchange ideas about nature. Keep updated then, everydays we are bombarded with news concerning all the nature tragedies and I personally feels all this tragedies happen due to the climatic change that our world is facing now.

    Lets us hubber join our ideas and hands to make our great leaders to understand the biggest mistake that make is to ignore the alarming state of our climatic change. Can us as my suggestion to all hubber create a forum in this wonderful hubpages to bring out our ideas to help remains us ourselves that nature is our best bet to keep this world. Any idea how to starts ?