Confused - Duplicate Content

  1. Bima.Purnawan1 profile image60
    Bima.Purnawan1posted 7 years ago

    I need some advice and guidance on the question of duplicate content.
    I have read the FAQ and many posts on this but am still having a problem and so I am asking for some guidance.
    Here are my questions.

    Can a duplicate content warning get generated by images? I understand the rules about what images you can and cannot post but, for example, some of the images or drawings I use in my hugs can be used in several type of hub without it being duplicate content. For example the drawing of a car cartoon could be in a hub about transportation coloring pages or it could be in a special Toddlers coloring pages hub. But the image would be the same.

    In any of my coloring page hubs the first, and main hub module is totally unique and original and based on the topic the coloring pages are about. Other sections concern how to download and print the coloring page images - that means the text in those instruction type modules may be repeated on my own hubs. Is that going to generate duplicate content warnings.

    I have had an increased number of duplicate content warnings in the last month - before and after the google modification - I went back in and change a few things - some times the drawing, some times some text and the warning disappeared but I cannot pin point what I did that removed the problem and so I am confused. can I get duplicate content warnings for using the same instructional "how to download and print" these coloring pages on multiple hubs?

    These hubs and the revenue they generate go a very long way towards feeding my family and so to me this is a very serious topic. I hope someone can provide me some assistance.  I just cannot find in forums or help answers to these specific questions.  Sorry if I have missed the information in there somewhere.

  2. To Start Again profile image78
    To Start Againposted 7 years ago

    I wouldn't think that an image could generate a duplicate content message, but I could be wrong. Perhaps if you are writing several hubs about basically the same thing, your text isn't different enough? If the hubs (though about different types of coloring pages) are too similar with only a few words different, that may be your problem.

    Do you have these hubs published anywhere else? on any other sites?

    Also, if you were able to revise and fix the problem, then that makes me think it lies in your text. Try going back to one that has been flagged and rewriting the text. Leave the images as they are and change only the text. Then take another one and change only the images. Leave the text the same. Whichever flag dissappears will tell you where the problem is.

    If you still have questions about the flag, contact HP's help team. Ask them to identify the reasons for the flag.