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Not again!

  1. b4u2 profile image60
    b4u2posted 6 years ago

    I just joined 5 months ago~I didn't know it until I joined today.It kept telling me that my email and user name was taken.I was getting pissed until I relized i signed in way back then.That's when i taught myself how to use a computer.I am the SHIT! I did it,i was in another link that is simular to this & i answered over 2000 or more Q i got 4 accounts there and im the hightest level u can go on some of em.I think i will start a new home here because this looks way better,except 1 thing NO SPELL CHECK!And I'm gonna need it.I am not so proud as to admitt it.I went the long way around everything and taught myself how to do these things.Now i am writng a short story a true story of inspriration and hope.I still do not know how all works here or if and where i will get an answer.But i help all,that's what i have been doing 4 the last 6 months.B4u2.If anyone takes their time to answer my q i will answer yours.I know we get what we give and a whole lot of other things i know to blow your mined~Will anyone ask for spell ck here if i have to look in the dictionary all the time(i am not now)i can't take all that time.I hate to type as is and if i find where the answer to this Q is i be luckY then too.Thanks~

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      b4u2posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Cagsil and to start again, hahaha,that's my line to sta....Thanks guys! I said i would blow ur minds, boy i feel like a tiny fish here, just floating thar..So small of a fish in a big ocean that you guys are all blowing ma mind! lol.You all are so nice. it's a  sweet change cause i can't get use to well' not feeling as welcome in the other Q&A site as i feel here.Thanks again and I'll be watching out for your questions and hope i can answer and be as helpful as you'es have been to me~.~)^`:`).`)`!`);`)`;`)^.^).`);`)~

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    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    Welcome to Hubpages and the Forums! smile

    If you're using IE(any version), then I would suggest changing to Firefox or Chrome.

    I know Firefox has a spell checker and works as you type. Besides, Firefox and Chrome browsers work better on Hubpages than IE does.

    Hope that helps.

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    To Start Againposted 6 years ago

    B4u2--if you are talking about writing a hub, there is a spell check. When you start writing your hubs, you will see a little check mark with an ABC in the top left of the text capsule. When you finish typing your text, just click that and it will underline your misspells and give possible changes.

    If you mean in the q and a section or in the forums, then no, unfortunately no spell check...

    But either way, welcome to HP!! I see you like to answer others' questions, but if YOU have any Q's--well, just ask all of us, we are happy to help you too big_smile