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First time on Hub Makeover

  1. BlissfulWriter profile image72
    BlissfulWriterposted 6 years ago

    This is my first time on Hub Makerover. 

    Let's see what constructive criticism I get for this hub on
    "Are there dangers to Cell Phone Radiation"

    Because this Hub literally took me 6 hours to research, read, and write.

    I know I do not have a "comment module" and many of you will tell me to put one in.  The reason why it is not there can be found in my profile (I wrote another Hub about why it's not there).

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Cagsil profile image58
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    Okay, I've reviewed your hub.

    (a) A+ on it's length. Very nicely done.
    (b) Use more text capsules. It appears as if you wrote this entire hub in one single text capsule. You can use text capsules for each section you have bold text as a title. Text capsules are designed to bold the headers.
    (c) By using more text capsules, you can move your Amazon link up in the right corner down one space, so Google Adsense can have back it's prime real estate spot.
    (d) By using more text capsules, you also open up more Google Adsense ad placements, so you have more chances to earn your shared revenue.
    (e) The first text capsule of any hub, shouldn't have anything along side it. The capsule should have enough writing in it, to trigger the Google Adsense Block Ad that will appear next to it. You can check on it, by using the preview button while in edit mode.
    (f) Keywords/tags- you can use 9-15 keywords/tags for articles up to 1500 words. Your article has more than 1500 words(I think). For articles over 1500 words, then you can use up to 40 keywords/tags.

    As for the comment capsule, it is a choice. If you choose not, then I suggest you at least put in a news capsule or an RSS feed, so you can refreshing content every few hours.

    I hope that helps. smile

    1. BlissfulWriter profile image72
      BlissfulWriterposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the feedback.  I believe those sections with bold captions are separate text modules.   You are correct that I should add more tags.

      1. Cagsil profile image58
        Cagsilposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Hey Bliss,

        When I found your thread, it was late and I was tired. However, it didn't appear to have more than one capsule. Hence, the reason I said what I said, but if that is the case, then that's good. smile

        I'm glad I could help. smile You're welcome. smile

  3. kschang profile image88
    kschangposted 6 years ago

    A couple comments:

    1) You didn't account for the HUGE amount of power difference between the old analog phones vs. the current digital phones.

    The original 'brick' Analog phones (ref: X-Files) can do up to 2 watts. Modern digital phones are in the MILLIWATTS range. Remember, inverse-squared for propagation.

    2) One is far more likely to get EM field radiation from microwave ovens, cell base stations, power transmission lines, or OTHER sources than cellphones. Cellphones are right next to us, so they get regulated. It's the "proximity effect", go after factors that you CAN control.

    3) Increasing use of texting means far less time of phone held next to head.

    4) Ditto use of bluetooth devices.

    Not debating you, just that these are factors people would want to know about. I personally think that it's a lot of fear-mongering. IMHO, of course.