Still waiting for an apology from Sep Blatter over that stupid ball

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    jobswitchposted 6 years ago

    I think Sep Blatter owes the footballing world a global apology for allowing the jabulani to be used for the world cup. Most people who found it boring can now point to the fact that most games were spoilt by the game flow being continuously interupted by difficulties associated with controlling the ball.

    As we all know, those magic moments of game flow we all love to watch, depend on split second passing timed to keep the move going forward and alive. A misplaced trap or pass just six inches adrift and the move breaks down or has to be restarted, we've all seen it in our domestic game.

    Add to that a ball which adds a few split seconds extra to control, and it was a recipe for disaster and game boredom. From the opening game it was obvious something was wrong. Drop goalkicks were bouncing 20 - 30ft high. Lofted thru balls were uncatchable. Crosses became rising graph charts.

    Players seemed to be heading the ball with the bridge of their noses in order to gain the slightest touch, knowing that any firmer sort of contact would send the ball out of play. Any long pass in front of a player went out. Crosses on the run had to become up and unders. Headers on target became virtually extinct because of the ball speed and rebound contact. Goalkeepers were unable to deal with ball velocity. How many players careers and lives will now be affected?

    Remember the ricochet deflection that led to Switzerland's goal against Germany, it went like a bullet. Schneider's headed goal against Uruguay only went in because of the rebound speed, and he was leaning back as well, it would never have generated that pace with a normal matchball.

    Fifa must have known the ball was going to be a severe problem for the teams and players, after trialling it in several leagues this past season, and I am suggesting that they refused to accept it was a problem and change it.

    Team tactics which relied on occasional long ball play were made redundant at a stroke. After about three days the Mail reported that various FA's had complained to FIFA, but nothing happened. Two weeks later, Fifa admitted the ball was problematic but brushed it aside by saying that all new balls are initially criticised. The FA's involved should have stood their ground and complained loud and clear, the ball is rubbish. But they were either told to shut up or bottled it.

    TV pundits on both channels refused to comment on the ball, when it was blatantly obvious it was destroying the play. And we're talking about the likes of famous players and commentators who should have known better. They must have been told not to talk about it, or were grossly incompetent.

    They chose to blame players for bad control. They chose not to see the ball irregularities as maybe this took them outside their pundit comfort roles. "All world cups follow a similar pattern of start to end scenarios. However, that ball is acting strange, but I don't want to talk about it on air in case I get slated by somebody".

    It would have taken guts to stand up, be counted and make an issue of it. And they all bottled it.

    FIFA could have announced ,we're not happy with the ball and we're going to use the previous matchballs instead.

    The FA's bottled it when they didn't complain loudly and long enough.

    TV pundits bottled it and chose not to see what everybody else could see.

    FIFA's problem was a loss of face. Who the hell sanctioned that stupid ball. How much money was involved, was this their discomfort?

    Billions of people around the world suffered in frustration and anger. All because nobody would stand up and say, hey, there's a problem here, let's get it sorted

    Thank you FIFA, FA's and TV pundits for ruining my world cup.

    And, it's still being used in the Eropa cup now.

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    Joy56posted 6 years ago

    dont know much about this, but from what i see, footballers are getting ruder by the minute....