Strange Google Results Post Panda

  1. Hovalis profile image84
    Hovalisposted 6 years ago

    I have been doing some research to try and work out where some of my hubs are sitting in the rankings on certain keywords. And I've come across something rather strange. One of my former best performing hubs is still on the first page (at least with the au results) which is great news, but the way they have listed it has changed from previous results.

    Usually the format looks like this:

    HUB TITLE (hyperlinked)
    SUMMARY - usually taken from the summary of the hub
    HUB URL stated (same as the title)

    Now, the format looks like:

    SUMMARY - taken from the body of the text
    And then links like this:
    eg: › All Topics › Home › Home Appliances - all hyperlinked.

    On a  normal entry, and I looked at a few, their URL below the summary is not hyperlinked which gives only one path to the article.

    What I'm wondering is two things: would this differing format reduce the hits directly to the article once people find it, and is this one of the ways "content farms" are being recognised and devalued?