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Deemed Guilty with no Opinion

  1. bgpappa profile image82
    bgpappaposted 6 years ago

    The past month or so have been very disturbing reading forum posts by great writers leaving hubpages because of the way they are being treated by hubpages staff. 

    And now they have started in with me. Some of my hubs had been unpublished because god forbid I had one too many Amazon capsules, which, until just recently wasn't a problem.  Fine, add a little for text, take away capsule, no big deal.

    Now, I have a hub about the history of Playboy magazine unpublished becuase I am apparently guilty of writing a hub that contains sexual references.  My hub doesn't.  Talks about the history of the magazine.  Nothing sexual, no nude photos, just a historical article.  But some computer says its about sex and that is the end.  No chance to have my opinion heard.  Nothing.  Just your guilty.  And why?  Because some computer says so.

    So I am taking my popular article, very popular with Google, to another site.  Thanks hubpages.  Thanks for starting to ruin a place I love.

    1. aallard23 profile image67
      aallard23posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry to hear that. Good luck!

    2. Donna Suthard profile image74
      Donna Suthardposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You, are always innocent, and you haven't done anything wrong..have you tried writing to them through email, about this situation?  I believe in win- win situations.. I wish you good luck as well!

  2. ajcor profile image61
    ajcorposted 6 years ago

    are you unable to appeal to a real person at the hubpages office and sidestep the computer's  decision? good luck in any future submissions with your hub...cheers

  3. Eric Graudins profile image60
    Eric Graudinsposted 6 years ago

    Here's what it still says on the signup page of HubPages:

    "HubPages allows you to publish Web articles on anything you like. Here’s how it works:"

    Blatantly false advertising.
    Go get 'em!

  4. bgpappa profile image82
    bgpappaposted 6 years ago

    Thank you for your comments.  Part of my posting to this was to see if I was totally off base.  I didn't think I was, but to hear your comments makes me more confident.

    Yes, I have emailed them, no response. No response.

    It is their attitude I have problem with more than anything.  Been here over two years, try to write quality hubs and for them to "deem" me to have written sexually explicit material and telling me to view their terms of use was insulting to say the least. 

    I am not the best writer on this site, most of them have left.  But I think this is starting to go a bit too far.

    Thanks again

    1. recommend1 profile image70
      recommend1posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The issue is not with your hub I would say - it is clearly  not explicit sexual material - the issue is the way it is dealt with - I have no idea how these hubs get discovered but I guess it is a combination of methods including a few self-appointed vigilante hub-hopping flaggers and the occasional inept moderator.  I have had hubs unpublished for vague and unsubstantiated reasons and my guess is that they were flagged by someone who did not like me or the content.  These also took forever to get back online.

      The whole unpublish then wait for a mod to have time to look at it while under the direct threat that if we publish it again we face teh boot !  then the faceless emails with little content, followed up in the forums by Jason who seems to make things worse with his aggressive approach and insensitive wordings and the occasional defensive post by Maddie et al.

      The way this has all been dealt with is plain disrespectful.

  5. mistyhorizon2003 profile image95
    mistyhorizon2003posted 6 years ago

    I would not waste your time bgpappa, this place is not the great place it used to be (sadly), and that is why so many of us are moving hubs elsewhere, where we CAN still utilise Adsense, make money, not be affected by Panda, not be unpublished for minor reasons, not be ignored or spoken to rudely by staff, etc etc. I am already starting to see results from the handful of Hubs I have moved to other new sites that support Adsense, including 'Xobba, Excerptz and This is Freelance'. Actually I am quite excited by the results I am seeing within days of moving articles.

    There are ways to keep up with the Hubbers that left or are in the process of leaving, and these sites are just one of the ways. smile

  6. bgpappa profile image82
    bgpappaposted 6 years ago

    Thanks Misty

  7. bgpappa profile image82
    bgpappaposted 6 years ago

    Totally agree.  Got a response.  1 Ebay ad had what the moderator deemed to be sexual.  I don't control the ads, but ok.  Very rude response.  I deleted the hub, put it on another site. Sad that they couldn't say, hey look at the Ebay capsule, something bad came up.  Would have done it no problem.  Instead, rude email, rude response, I deleted the hub and am seriously considering taking my hubs somewhere else.

    1. mistyhorizon2003 profile image95
      mistyhorizon2003posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      If you are looking at moving hubs, seriously look at Excerptz, Xobba and This is Freelance. You would do well on any of those sites, and they seem to be growing by the day. I am doing quite well with them already, and it has really been only about a week since I began moving Hubs to them.