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'Cancer cure known for 35 years?' - Have You Seen This?

  1. Trish_M profile image82
    Trish_Mposted 6 years ago

    Video only available to watch for free for a limited time:

    'Cancer cure known for 35 years?'

    http://freethoughtnation.com/contributi … years.html

  2. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    I wouldn't be shocked. lol

  3. TMMason profile image70
    TMMasonposted 6 years ago

    The Nobel Prize for medicine for the finding of both the cause and cure for cancer was handed out about 30 years ago. so I believe it.

  4. melpor profile image93
    melporposted 6 years ago

    I heard about Dr. Bryzynski's cancer research on ABC's 20/20  a few months ago. It does sound like a cure for cancer but it is not a complete cure as the results seems to indicate. The drug does not help every patient that walks into his office. The data indicates the cure rate for his drug appears to be higher ( about two times higher) versus other cancer treatments out there. The film does not mention the side effects of the drugs. All drugs have some side effects and counter-indications when it is administer to patients as treatment for some form of ailment. The film also did not mention the potential cost of this treatment if this drug was finally approved by the FDA. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years and I know the approval process for a drug is a long and tedious process. It take a pharmaceutical company approximately 10 years for a new drug to be developed and ultimately go through the process to become a marketed product and in some cases they are not approved the first time around.

  5. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 6 years ago

    It isn't a blanket cure for cancer, but an approach to treatment that is currently in clinical trails, just like any other approach. If it passes the trail I am sure the treatment will become widely available.

  6. dutchman1951 profile image60
    dutchman1951posted 6 years ago

    makes you wounder, what AMA has as a hand in this

  7. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 6 years ago

    Why, because a bureaucratic association that only represents 30% of physicians is going to want to destroy the profession it represents with no direct profit to themselves?  Well... obviously.

    The AMA is about as likely to have an evil plan as the national association of actuaries or dieticians.... In fact. less so.  NGOs just aren't that interesting....

  8. donotfear profile image89
    donotfearposted 6 years ago

    I'm watching this video right now before they take it down.