Photo finish!

  1. Richieb799 profile image79
    Richieb799posted 6 years ago

    Since Panda my Adsense earnings where cut in half, I never missed monthly pay out for 8 months except the month before last, last month I missed thresh-hold by 80p but got a big payout because of the role-over.
    This month has been a slow start again and today is the last earning day of the month and I'm 40p short of the thresh-hold, I'm sure I'll make it in 12 hours since my average daily earnings have been steady between £1.50-£4
    Back from vacation last month, I have created a good personal website which has already paid for its-self via Adsense, I didn't want to rely on HP. I believe personal websites give you a better chance at progressing independently and they also have 100% Adsense earnings! lets hope my site increases in popularity!