Is marketing eBooks easy? I written, perhaps, an-agent worthy piece!

  1. Johnathan L Groom profile image32
    Johnathan L Groomposted 6 years ago
    Really!  I have thirty hubs as revenue, and six from a "coming-soon" PoetryBook...  The problem is, I have already published like an original, one-of-a-kind, pulitzer prize worthy (no exaggeration) eBook, and the play I'm getting is tedious-  what I am asking is, how did I make something this wonderful and it's being missed! ahhhhhhhhhh! it really is exclusive!... how do i get more readers interested?  i use a lot of facebook for ghetto publicity, and I've sold a couple through it.- Wow.-  I spend like a half/year writing it, and that is all.....

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    bestbuys4businessposted 6 years ago

    Hi Johnathan

    You need to determine your audience and then market to them. If your website is not showing up to the audience that would love to read your book then it is not going to happen for you.

    Also, you say you have sold a few, do you know where they came from (example: search engine or referral), take a look at those stats and see if you can use that information to communicate what you have.

    Come from an angle of the benefit for the potential customer, what is in it for them smile

    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck