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Question for Those of You Using HubPages Ads

  1. melbel profile image99
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    I have tested HubPages ads and saw that it lowered my Google AdSense CTR by a LOT. That said, obviously I started making money with the HubPages ads. Since, in the past, AdSense was my breadwinner across my hubs and personal blogs, I just decided to go with that, so I removed my hub ads. I may reconsider, but I need some perspective.

    Which scenario is most true for you:

    A: With both HubAds and AdSense enabled, I earn more than I did before (with just AdSense.)
    B: With both HubAds and AdSense enabled, I earn about the same as I did before (with just AdSense.)
    C: With both HubAds and AdSense enabled, I earn less than I did before (with just AdSense.)

    1. Stacie L profile image89
      Stacie Lposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      it's not possible to tell since HP ad started just after adsense Panda slapped us.
      Google traffic is much lower for me so HP ad is making me money right now

      1. Lisa HW profile image79
        Lisa HWposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        The same happened when I had HP ads on, so I thought I'd turn them off for a month to see what went on with AS without the HP ads.  The AS went up substantially.  My "challenge" is that I turned off the HP ads after the additional ones had been added.  So I don't know how I'd do with the extra ones.

        When I had both enabled, it was C for me.  AS looked like it was going up slowly, but I have reason to think it may never have been going to go to where it was before.  Problem was, HP ads had gone down to only about $2/$3 and change a day, and at that rate I was going to be "REALLY C" (earn even that much less than I'd been earning before).

        Other complicating factor:  Subdomains came out after I turned off HP ads.

        Over the last few weeks with AS only my AS daily averages are still in a range that's a fraction of before.  At the rate I was earning on HP ads when I turned them off, if I take a chance of letting my AS go back down to  under a dollar day (or a dollar a two a day) that would mean I'd either be equal or less than what I am this month (which is "way less" than I did pre-Panda).   

        So, if that's the still the daily averages I'd be getting from HP ads, going with HP ads could mean guaranteeing myself of earning that fraction of pre-Panda earnings.    With the present creeping AS ads only I'm not sure they won't go up.  Neither do I know that if I use HP ads again now, my AS still won't creep up (I did see a couple/few $5 days before turning HP ads off) or HP ads won't be higher than that $2/$3 a day they'd dropped to before I turned them off.   hmm

        I "sacrificed" about a hundred dollars a month from HP ads (plus or minus) in order to see what AS would do.  Subdomains happened, so now I may have to choose to (perhaps/perhaps not) sacrifice the monthly AS to see a) how HP ads would do now, and b) how much/whether AS continues to creep up (and how high on average).   hmm

        I'm going to do that, but I want to wait and let the AS go up some more this month before doing it.

  2. melbel profile image99
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for your responses. Still trying to figure out if switching to HubAds is a viable option. Lisa, let me know how your switch does!