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using links in the articles

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    kcr11posted 9 years ago

    Many a time, I have read about using links in the articles or hubs to get more traffic but I couldn't clearly get the picture. What is really meant by using links? Is it like using links for other websites? if it is so, is it allowed to use other website's links without permission?(am I being dumb?)Also how does it increase the traffic?I want to know everything you know about this topic. Please.......

  2. WHoArtNow profile image87
    WHoArtNowposted 9 years ago

    Linking is where your allowed to link a word or phrase to another site. For example:

    "With the increase in the amount of TV shows showing you how to decorate your homes, canvas art has seen a rise in popularity over the last 10 years"

    In that hub, I would hyper link 'canvas art' to by website, because I want Google to see that my site is relevant to 'canvas art'

    Your allowed to link to other sites without permission, as long as the link is relevant (it will help them with Google searches) If you don't have a site outside of hubpages, then its not something to worry about, but if you do, its worth linking to your site. If you don't have a site, link to places to back up theory's and opinions (like wikipedia)

    Hope you understand this, basically its all SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, or as I like to call it, Google Engine Optimisation or GEO)

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    kcr11posted 9 years ago

    how does this increase traffic?
    Can linking to wiki or other sites increase traffic?I don't have a website of my own.

  4. WHoArtNow profile image87
    WHoArtNowposted 9 years ago

    Linking from your hub won't increase traffic, but linking to your hub will. Get on some social book marking sites and bookmark your hub, this will help people find your hub and increase your traffic.

    I use Digg (www.digg.com) a lot, in 2 weeks I've increased my traffic by 25% down to Digg alone! Facebook is good too, because if you already sue it, you will already have friends watching you. If you go to 'My Account' and click traffic sources, there's a button to help you gain more traffic through social book marking sites. It'll take a few hours to set them all up, but its worth it in the long run, once you have the sites, adding to them in the future takes a matter of 30 seconds and will reap huge rewards.

    Never overlook Google search for traffic, and the best way to come up high is picking unique content, the only problem with this, is the more unique the content, the less people will be searching for it!

  5. Lissie profile image80
    Lissieposted 9 years ago

    It appears that google favours articles which have relevant out going links to authorative sites: thats why flagship hubs here at hubpages must have 10 outbound links I've written several but this one consistently ranks 2 or 3 in google for vacation packing tips and has pretty much since the first month or 2 http://hubpages.com/hub/Vacation-Packing--List-and-Tips Given at the time

    Of course being in the first few results for a search term will bring more traffic - it may not make you money as they people may not buy or click the ads but you will get traffic

  6. WHoArtNow profile image87
    WHoArtNowposted 9 years ago

    I totally agree with you on the traffic to money ratio, Lissie, but the best way to make more money with adsense is to go for more pageviews than improving your CTR (click through ratio) its alot easier to improve views than clicks, and you hope that as the views go up, so do your clicks.