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Need some help with these 2 hubs to make sure I did it right.

  1. AAKremer profile image56
    AAKremerposted 6 years ago

    These are my first two hubs that I think i'm doing a good job on but I know can improve as we all can lol.

    http://aakremer.hubpages.com/hub/Top-Fi … yone-loves

    http://aakremer.hubpages.com/hub/Gift-I … -Dinosaurs

    I would like to do toy reviews but would like to know if it gets good traffic and views and how to be successful at it.

    I know everyone says to use back links to raise page views and rank, but how do you decide which hubs to backlink, and were can you backlink that isn't a junk website and will actually help your pagerank.

  2. QuestionMaster profile image87
    QuestionMasterposted 6 years ago

    For a new member, looks like you've started off on the right track at least.

    I personally don't backlink articles on revenue sharing sites - if you choose good keywords you can often get reasonable traffic without them.

    Remember that it takes time to get traffic though - Google likes aged content - so expect to see traffic increase over time (sometimes weeks or months or even years.) Certain types of year also draw more traffic, such as close to Christmas.

    Your hub topics are good in that they're not too general. I'd recommend learning about keyword research to choose good traffic topics, if you haven't already.

  3. AAKremer profile image56
    AAKremerposted 6 years ago

    i tried looking into keyword research but all their seems to be is the one from google Questionmaster how do you pick your topics?

    1. QuestionMaster profile image87
      QuestionMasterposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The Google Keyword Tool is the free and easy way to find good keywords. All the paid programs that do it basically pull the data from Google's tool anyway.

      Some tips:
      -Sign up for an Adwords account to see CPC (cost per click) Only takes a second to sign up.
      -Make sure you turn off broad search and set it to 'exact'.
      -Generally go for keywords that have between 2,000-10,000 hits a month.
      -Ignore the competition bar - this is for advertisers,  not publishers.
      -To check how many pages you  have to compete against, Google the specific keywords and see how exact the results are. Usually this is best done through a site like Scroogle, since that way your location and what Google knows about you won't warp results. If the exact keywords appear in titles and URLs then it's a safe bet that you'll have lots of competition. If no one is trying to rank for those keywords (they're just showing up in the body of the article for instance), you're more likely to rank well.
      -To see what rank pages have, a tool like SEOquake is really good - shows things like page rank and backlinks etc for each result.