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    meggypeggyposted 6 years ago

    (makeup tips)

    Top Ten Tips and Advice: Make-Up

    1. You can use a highlighter to brighten your makeup. A Highlighter Concealer covers critical areas such as shadows and lines resulting in a natural glow. Apply directly over blusher, mix with blusher, or use just above blusher and around the eyes. Also use under the eyebrows and a touch down the nose. This will significantly brighten the face. After the finish make-up use to cover circles under the eyes, sides of nose, corners of lips and hallows of the chin etc. Blend lightly with your fingertips and brush with powder. The Highlighter can also be applied first, let dry and then apply your normal make-up. For full eyes, use the Highlighter as an eye shadow by applying to the upper end of the eyelid.

    2. The most important makeup products that should be used daily are concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and lip color. Concealer will make you look less tired. Eyebrow color will give your eyes more character. Remember, you do raise your brows when you are surprised. Mascara will make your eyes appear larger than they are and more open. Lastly, lipcolor accentuates a lovely smile. Now you´re ready to greet the world.

    3.A fresh and natural look in makeup would be wearing a tinted moisturizing cream, a light blush or bronzer for your cheeks, a light coating of mascara and lipgloss. Let your natural beauty show through!

    Makeup Trick For Red Eyes Try cool cotton compresses with an alcohol free toner. Cucumber slices may be beneficial if you want to try a more natural method. Now for the makeup. Use a minimal amount. Play up your lips instead. Apply a neutral color eyeshadow. If you must wear mascara, opt for a waterproof type, in black or black brown. Skip the colored ones except for navy, which would whiten the whites of your eyes. Try a bright blue pencil below your lower lashes. This should do the trick

    5. "pretty and sifistacated"
    comes from within as well as how you wear your makeup. Wear a minimal amount of makeup, i.e. blush, lipcolor, and mascara. Smile, have a friendly attitude, and you will glow..

    6. For someone with copper colored hair, warm earth tones are best. For the eyes wear a bronze or gold eyeshadow with a teak eyeliner. Lipstick in a rust with a gold accent is very pretty.

    7. For minor mishaps...Did you smear your mascara? Is your blusher or eyeshadow too dark or the wrong color? For a quick and easy spot removal, use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover. It´s easy to get into a small area without having to start all over and it works great!

    8.Benefits of Loose Powder To get a fresh-faced look with face powder, applying moisturizer then a concealer to lightly cover discoloration. Apply a neutral eye shadow and light coat of mascara. Blend a soft bronzer or neutral blush on your cheeks. Apply a light coat of loose powder. Finish with dewy lip gloss. Loose powder has many benefits compared to heavier pressed powder. Very light, loose powder will not seep into your pores as easily. Loose powder covers more evenly and creates a professional look. Loose powde can be used both day and night. You can apply loose powder several times without it looking caked on.

    9. Cosmetics have "gone bad" if they smell funny or if the formula has separated or dried out. Be especially careful with products used near the eyes as this is a sensitive area. If you suddenly react to a product that you have used faithfully, there may be bacteria forming, and therefore you have a reaction.

    10. Beauty consultants help customers choose cosmetics and show them how to use them. Beauty consultants should: be good at selling, be helpful, friendly and polite have some artistic ability and a gentle touch for applying make-up and giving and or discuss facials with their clients.

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      Hi meggypeggy- did you mean for this forum post to be a hub because it is actually a forum post which does not get a score, earnings, etc.

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        yea i ment it to be a hubb but i cant get iy to work i cant write anything

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          You can't make a hub out of material copied from other internet sources such as this. http://www(dot)make-upusa.com/tips/makeup.htm -- it also appears in a couple of other places.

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    Lovely.... and would look even more lovely in a Hub with photo's.


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    lol wrong type of makeover

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      Exactly big_smile  Though there was one word change in it. 'Sexy' was changed to "sifistacated".

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        lol  but all this is worth it, because it really made me laugh!