What happens when you are editing and forget to hit "done editing"?

  1. mary615 profile image95
    mary615posted 6 years ago

    Several days ago I was editing a Hub, and forgot to hit the "done editing".  I only noticed that when I went back to the Hub to do furthur editing.  By doing that, was my Hub in "limbo"?  I noticed I wasn't getting any traffic on  it. What do you think?

    1. Lisa HW profile image72
      Lisa HWposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I did the exact same today. I edited and then went about the workday for hours.   Only because I had a particularly good Ad Sense day yesterday, I came back and checked earnings.  Down to almost nothing.  To be honest, I wondered if that was the cause of the freakish drop, but I also wondered if it was a Hub I put up yesterday that wasn't the most neutral (politics-wise) or professional looking.  In any case, I deleted the Hub.

      On the one hand, I pretty much assumed it was having left that latest Hub on "edit" that caused the shockeroo earnings problem.  On the other hand, I have x number of other Hubs that weren't on edit - so who knows.  Maybe "on the HubPages level" the subdomain goes into some kind of limbo...