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  1. 2besure profile image82
    2besureposted 6 years ago

    This is a portion of a website (SiteSell)  about Google's dishonest practices. 

    Google has a monopoly on Search. That is inarguable. And it's ok to own a monopoly.

    It is not ok, though, to leverage that Monopoly to disadvantage competitors in other business sectors.

    And that is exactly what Google is doing in its war on Facebook and Twitter (and others) for social (and other) dominance. It is damaging search for its own financial gain in many other ways, but this is the most obvious and largest issue...

    Google wants to "own social." If it owns search and social, it owns the Internet. To do that, it is...

        hurting you, the small publisher, by Google's preferential treatment it gives itself.
        hurting its very own search results. Who wants to find an empty Google+ page over a vibrant Facebook page or personally published Web or blog page on the same person or topic? No one!

    Google is indeed selling its search soul. It is damaging its search results, hurting both publishers and searchers, in order to own the Web. And if Google owns both search and social, it owns the Internet, for all intents and purposes.

    1. Xenonlit profile image61
      Xenonlitposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I will check this out. The search situation is disappointing, but I keep remembering all of the Google services that I use for free. And I don't get a face full of advertising when I use maps, google home, reader, search and so on. Google has given up billions in revenue while spending a bundle on developing those resources.   

      But the new search algorithm is terrible. I do a lot of searches, and get more garbage results than ever before. I will be glad to let Google know that the unfairness and bias has ruined the quality.

      1. 2besure profile image82
        2besureposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        They really aren't free especially if you are a writer.  If they manipulate the ranking system position in Google, they really are cheating you.