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I really need extra income. Can writing articles here in Hubpages help

  1. blessedreyn profile image61
    blessedreynposted 5 years ago

    Hello! I am a first year college student and I need to earn money. Badly. I have sold some of  my gadgets. My dad wont let me get a job. But I really need money. I am new to this system. AdSense and advertisements and all of this. But i sure love writing. I was writing a lot back when friendster was still up. I had a blog and I write something every week. My cousin told me that I can earn by writing articles. Online-based job that can give me extra income. Help me guys. Thanks in advance

    1. Shadesbreath profile image85
      Shadesbreathposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      You can make money here. Yes. But not fast.

      There really aren't any fast cash solutions for a first year college student. You need to inherit money or win the lottery to get money fast. If there were a quick answer to making money, we'd all do it.

      However, HubPages is a great way to make money. You can make lots if you work at it and build up content. It's not going to happen fast though, and, to be honest (and not to seem like a douche or your "parent" or whatever), if you think you can spin some crap real fast and bust some cash... well, you can't. So, don't even try.

      However, if you can think long term, have some vision about where you'd like to be three years from now... HP is a great place to start learning how to make money online.  Go read.

      1. blessedreyn profile image61
        blessedreynposted 5 years ago in reply to this

        Thank you so  much for the response. I really appreciate it. Yeah I guess I cant earn fast anywhere. I hope im not asking for too much but, Im really new to this stuff. I have a few questions. And I could use a help from a pro like you.

        I read that I can earn by having google AdSense ads in my hubpage. And I will earn by how much it is clicked. How do i get paid? Do they send it through a bank account?

        1. Shadesbreath profile image85
          Shadesbreathposted 5 years ago in reply to this

          You can get a check or direct deposit. But, I'll be honest: you need to worry less about how you get paid than you do about creating content.

          Look, we all want to make money. It's like, DUH, right?

          But making money doesn't come from the desire to have it. I mean, it sort of can, (not from me, but I know lots who do), but mainly it comes from earning it.

          So, you want to make money, you have to provide something of value. You have to write something that someone else wants. There are two main avenues of doing that on HP: actual good content and content that seems actual.

          I won't even bitch about the second one. It is what it is.  But either way, you have to do the work.

          If you have something to say, like actually have something to say, in a deep and well researched way, and you write it up and can really help people, then, after doing it a lot over time, you will start to earn.

          To be fair to the SEO and internet mechanic type guys, you can also make money  just rewriting content and using various backlinking strategies and other techniques that trick people (and Google search) into thinking what you wrote has more substance than it does. I'm not personally a fan of this, and I think that if there is a God (which is unlikely), you will definitely have to answer for those decisions, etc.  Nonetheless, those are the two angles for cash. Real content or content that seems real.

          YOu need to read up, there is lots of advice on both approaches on HP. Decide who you are as a person and find the balance. Or move to some other site that promises riches... and blow out a few months and then come back and start for real.

          1. blessedreyn profile image61
            blessedreynposted 5 years ago in reply to this

            Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you thank you so much. Thanks. I'll just relax. Forget about the money for once, and just start writing. Thanks a lot. smile Thanks

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    Peelander Gallyposted 5 years ago

    Your dad won't let you get a job? Well I guess that means your tuition, books, rent and other expenses are taken care of, so you should be thankful for that. And that wasn't meant to sound snide, you're definitely lucky if that's the case.

    My recommendation is to sell things online. I paid for my credit card bill, food, entertainment etc. throughout college with Etsy and eBay, and I didn't even list things for sale regularly. When I did they usually didn't make me more than a few dollars. But then, I'm also frugal to the extreme. I personally have a thing for thrifting; most of what I own is second hand. Over time I've developed an eye for designer items and higher quality fabrics and jewelry, so I take care of my occasional desire to shop by shopping for things to resell.

    You can also offer tutoring services in subjects you're really good at. Get payment in cash.

    And as far as making money on HubPages is concerned... Well, I've been on here constantly for about a week and a half because I'm jobless and I've been sick, and I've made thirteen cents so far. Even if one of my articles got 3,000 views in one day, that would only make me $2.70 if my calculations are correct and payment depends only on that.

  3. edelhaus profile image78
    edelhausposted 5 years ago

    @Shadesbreath I'm not asking for specifics, but since you've been on HP for three years now, how long was it after you joined before you started to see some real earnings (if ever)?  I've noticed a jump in my earnings as of late, which frankly, has got me interested in writing Hubs all over again.  Even though the earnings aren't yet substantial, they are definitely something which shows me that maybe this process does work after all.  I, like many others I suspect, don't want to waste my time writing tons of articles for pennies a day. If, on the other hand, there's a cumulative effect then it would certainly be worth my while - worth anyone's while, to invest their time and effort.  Thanks!

  4. WryLilt profile image87
    WryLiltposted 5 years ago

    On average it takes people their first six months to earn $5. It increases from there.