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  1. Bedbugabscond profile image97
    Bedbugabscondposted 6 years ago

    I am finding myself entirely busy. Even though I am not in school for the summer, neither are the kids! I have realized I need some type of priority system when it comes to by hubs, but I am not sure in what order to do things.

    Should I concentrate on making new hubs, and save tweaking for later? Should I tweak hubs that are not doing well and then write new hubs?

    How about age of hub? Should I leave hubs alone until they are a certain age? Should I bother tweaking hubs that are under a month old and concentrate on making new hubs, then go back when the hubs reach a certain age and teak them?

    Should I write a new hub 4 days a week and tweak 1 day a week?

    Any suggestions on how to prioritize my hub "to-do" list would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. peoplepower73 profile image95
      peoplepower73posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Here is how I prioritize any list of things to do.  First decide which items fit into your long term goals and which items are short term goals.  Once you have those two categories, then base the priorities on some type of importance.  If money is a priority, then label all those as a 1.  Then identify your second and third priorities.  Now look at all of your goals and determine which ones can be done the quickest and then play them against your short term and long term goals.  I hope this helps.  I could write a hub about this.

      1. Bedbugabscond profile image97
        Bedbugabscondposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        That would be cool. Let me know if you do!

  2. relache profile image86
    relacheposted 6 years ago

    When I was starting out, I looked at my best Hubs and spent a lot of time figuring out why they were the best.  That really took precedent over making new Hubs or tweaking established ones.

    I didn't make up a hard and fast formula as you seem to be trying to do here.  Some Hubs got tweaked a lot, some were written and left to see what happened for weeks or months.  Admin has said that it takes Hubs three years to reach their peak of "maturity" which they defined as audience reach and traffic, so you might want to starting cultivating a long-term mindset where you think in months and years and not days.

    And this may surprise you but there were (and still are) whole days when I didn't work on Hubs at all and didn't worry about the site or look at earnings.  I recommend people start making that a regular habit early on as it makes for a much more sane HubPages experience.

    1. Bedbugabscond profile image97
      Bedbugabscondposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Relache, I love the way you write! You made me smile. I can see the potential on Hubpages, and I can see how a lot of consistent work could pay off. It has taken me a couple of months to figure out how to integrate Hubpages in to my life on a regular basis.

      I can't work on it every day, but I think I can fit it in 5 days a week, at least for awhile. I can see how obsessive I could become checking my metrics and tweaking my hubs. Yet, I still have a lot I can write about.

      I brainstormed a list, and occasionally I think up something new. I do tend to get a little obsessed with coming up with "hard and fast formulas".  Not so much as a get rich quick scheme, but just as a way to be efficient. I am pretty sure I would enjoy becoming a robot, lol. I do everything like that and I am sure I can be annoying at times.

      Thanks for your input, it is very valuable!

  3. tirelesstraveler profile image78
    tirelesstravelerposted 6 years ago

    In November I was desperately trying to make my 100 hub goal.  It was driving me crazy. Company for Thanksgiving. Getting ready for Christmas, a new grand baby due not to mention birthdays.  I finally decided to give it a rest.  I read hubs and reworked my own.  I even unpublished some hubs until I could figure out how to improve them. I don't even think I made the 50 hub mark, but I was less stressed.  I think I took about 5 weeks off. It is hard because HP is addictive.
    Spend the summer with the kids, get ideas and write them down for hubs to write during sleepless nights:)

    1. Bedbugabscond profile image97
      Bedbugabscondposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I would love to get 100 hubs. I am just about to hit m 20 hub goal, so I am happy with that for now. I have slowed down to work on what I have already written. I might slow down to 1 hub a week and spend the rest of the time in the community, and improving on my first 20 hubs.

  4. paradigmsearch profile image88
    paradigmsearchposted 6 years ago

    Do whatever you feel like doing on any given day. It will usually be the right decision. Trust yourself.

    1. Millionaire Tips profile image90
      Millionaire Tipsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      That is awesome advice - I find that if I do what I feel like doing, I can get so much accomplished, since I am not wasting time debating with myself about what I really *should* be doing. And in the end all the important things do get done.

  5. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 6 years ago

    Time management really is important smile sort out best times for 'work' vs 'responsibilities'. Set your schedule for writing, promoting, socializing (networking), but not all in one day. Stagger the activities to whichever is stress -free for you.

    1. Bedbugabscond profile image97
      Bedbugabscondposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      That would be social media marketing. I have a google plus page and a face book page, but havent really done anything with them. So I try to read a little about it every day.

  6. Bobski606 profile image86
    Bobski606posted 6 years ago

    During my busy times I set aside one day a week to tweak old posts and another day later on during the week to write new posts. When time is a luxury (seems to be rarely now a days) I spend more time writing and reading other's posts but still stick to the one day a week rule of working on my own posts.


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