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Stolen Content!

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    multimasteryposted 9 years ago

    I have seen multiple posts about people have their hub content stolen!  Some scumbags steal content outright and knowingly.  And then there's other people who do it innocently because they just don't know any better i.e., they might admire our content but may not understand the proper way to link to or feature it.

    For this very reason I have written this small addition and added it to the bottom of all my hubs.
    Feel free to use it as is or alter it to your liking.  Best Wishes!


    ATTENTION: No Content on this page can be copied or reprinted on any other website, blog or other. That is prohibited. This is exclusive content here in the HubPages Community. However, feel free to 'Link to this page' or 'Email this page' using the buttons found at the bottom of this page. Also feel free to bookmark this page. Thank you for readership and cooperation.


    1. franciaonline profile image82
      franciaonlineposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Adding this note to my hubs would be a good warning! I'm copying this note. Thanks for sharing this, multimastery.


    2. Benson Yeung profile image71
      Benson Yeungposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Addition stolen, with thanks.

  2. earnestshub profile image88
    earnestshubposted 9 years ago

    Thank you for your kind advice.I have copied it exactly as the wording is good is that ok?
    Thanks for this idea, it is timely.

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      multimasteryposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah it's fine!

  3. Whitney05 profile image82
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    I'd watch out if everyone copies the same note word-for-word, it may trip the duplicate filter.

    1. Rochelle Frank profile image95
      Rochelle Frankposted 9 years agoin reply to this


      Now, that's funny. big_smile

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      multimasteryposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I doubt a few lines will do that.  That would be hilarious to say the least!-))

  4. xtraTiny profile image59
    xtraTinyposted 9 years ago

    Idea is great. Hope, this type of Note will be added to my coming HP. smile

  5. Hope Alexander profile image83
    Hope Alexanderposted 9 years ago

    Stolen content isn't always bad. Whilst it's not ideal, in many cases it can be a source of back links (links from other sites back to your original work), and if it's not stolen by spammy scrapers, then it can be a viable means of promotion.

    We're no longer in the print age where producers can tightly control the spread of material. It is the nature of the beast that content can, and will be stolen. The better it is, the more likely it is to be thieved.

    Instead of copyright notices, why not put a link back to your own site or hub profile in the text of the article and invite people to 'steal' it. That way you at least stand a chance of building reputation and maybe a bit of page rank too.

    (My articles are stolen all the time - like Monty Python, who recently released a whole library of clips onto YouTube, realizing that their work was being ripped off either way - you can roll with the nature of the beast (woo, mixed metaphor), or you can battle against a rising tide lifting your boat. (You get my drift.)

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    multimasteryposted 9 years ago

    Great input! yes Hope I definitely get your drift, and since no method is 100% guaranteed in fighting off this problem, then I'd recommend using Both methods.  Putting up a notice like the one I use and suggest can potentially decrease "stolen content" issues (especially by visitors who just don't know any better).  And putting a link to your own site like you suggest would be good just in case someone does take it - we can at least get some mileage out of the whole ordeal.  Now that's double combat;)

  7. crashcromwell profile image73
    crashcromwellposted 9 years ago

    I would agree with the sentiment that simply copying and pasting someone else's work would be tantamount to plagiarism. However, I would also say it is appropriate to quote material from any web page, as long as proper identification is given, including the source web address, so people can read the real thing and be sure the quote has not been taken out of context.

    Jim Henry, aka crashcromwell

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    newcapoposted 9 years ago

    This is excellent, I've got to jump on the bandwagon. The worst thing about people stealing our content is that once it's posted somewhere else on the web, we can trip the duplicate content flag from someone else stealing our writing.....off to cut and paste !