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20th August 1915: Letter from Cairo - World War One

Updated on January 23, 2012
Letter home the day before returning to the front. Page One.
Letter home the day before returning to the front. Page One.
Page Two.
Page Two.
Reginald Trevor
Reginald Trevor

A letter home the day before my great grandfather rejoined his unit on the front

Transcribed letter:

Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

20th August 1915

Dear Mother,

I am going to the front again tomorrow to rejoin my unit. I have not received any of the letters yet except one dated 13th April. I suppose I will get some when I get back to my Company.

Now don’t worry about me Mother because I will be all right, and anyway you will always know that I am doing my duty.

We are slowly but surely beating the Turks but it is a hard job and a hard life also. I am enclosing some stamps for Harold. I hope you got the last lot I sent safely.

I will also enclose some postcards for Mary. Don’t send me any parcels on any account – I will never get them.

It is very hot in Cairo most uncomfortable in fact. I am writing this in my tent and very awkward it is as I have to lie down to do it.

I am sending you some photos I want you to look after for me. The large ones are pictures of Palestine the Holy City and some Egyptian scenes. The small ones were mostly taken by me as I have a camera, and were taken about Cairo. I hope you get them safely.

It is not safe for me to have them with me as ten to one they will get lost.

Now I must conclude as I have to put my kit together. So with best love to yourself and all at home.

I remain your loving son,



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