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23rd October 1914: - Preparing to Embark - World War One

Updated on October 1, 2012

This original World War One letter tells of my great grandfather's preparations before embarking on a ship to war.

Letter: 23rd October 1914 - Page 1
Letter: 23rd October 1914 - Page 1
Letter: 23rd October - Page 2
Letter: 23rd October - Page 2
Reginald Trevor
Reginald Trevor

Reginald Trevor writes to his mother telling of his preparations to embark

Transcribed letter:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

23rd October 1914

Dear Mother,

I am in Melbourne now as you see. I am forwarding you my things today; I have until Monday to report at headquarters when I go to the camp. I will let you know and you can write to me there at the address I will send you later. The first lot have gone away and the second lot have their uniforms.

I met some fellows from Welshpool who are out here, so I will not be entirely friendless. Don’t trouble to answer this letter until I can send you a permanent address. I hope the children have got over their sickness.

Give them my love and tell them that I will see them before I go away. I forgot to mention that I will address my boxes to Chatswood Rly. Stn. and they will be prepaid.

Hoping you will get them alright. I remain your affectionate son,


For background information about Reginald Trevor, please click here.


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