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Aliens and Dinosaurs

Updated on March 3, 2013

The Hunter the Hunted?


It has long been considered that the extinction of Dinosaurs was due to a natural disaster of some kind. Why could it not of been due to something completely different.

Since humans have populated this planet we have been responsible for the extinction of dozens, if not hundreds of species. We have killed them for food, for their hides or fur or even just for sport. Many more have become extinct due to our destruction of their habitat.

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for some 65 million years. This is a good length of time, even in evolutionary terms. Through natural selection and evolution, is it not possible that these creatures acquired something that was almost “magical”, at least something of value to something else.

All stories of alien visitors to this planet have been passed down from our ancient ancestors, why are there not more recent ones?

Could it be that our species were not of interest to the aliens, perhaps their interest was in the dinosaurs. Our most ancient ancestors just happened to be around to witness the last of these ancient hunters. Could it not be that aliens came to this planet to hunt the dinosaurs, their over hunting being the cause of the species demise?

Good Hunting?

Why they Haven't Returned

If this were the case and our ancestors came in contact with the last of these hunters, it would explain why the aliens were here, why they have never returned [no dinosaurs left] and why they only seemed to take a passing interest in us humans.

Is it our arrogance that makes us think that any visitors were interested in us or in our future evolution? Just as we have, since then, evolved, so have they, meaning we would still be as primitive to them now as we were then.

What of Pyramids and the like? Maybe these hunters did play a part in their building but maybe for no more sinister reason, than for storage or identification of different hunt sites.

What ever the Dinosaurs were hunted for maybe their value can not be evident from their skeletons alone.

Yes, we could have found bones that are connected to natural disasters but many years from now they will find human bones connected with natural disasters but we are not yet extinct.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I disagree I have seen a lot of things happen I do believe if every one adapted to each climate like they say becAuse we came from one man and one woman any thing is possible and as matter of fact some one found a dino carved up so I believe some one saw or why was it carved up some one said something or there was humans was their aliAns who spoke to a humaN some thing hAppen because carvings were found and I am a believer

    • melpor profile image

      Melvin Porter 

      7 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Rafken, I do not believe aliens ever visited this world and it probably will never happen. Scientists have already found evidence from all over the world that a natural, worldwide, disaster killed the dinosaurs and it will be more than 50 million years after the dinosaurs were killed off before humans appear on this world. Dinosaurs lived for about 200 millions before they met their end. They died 65 million years ago.


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