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Ancient Aliens, Logically

Updated on March 3, 2013

Ancient Aliens

True or False?
True or False? | Source


Ancient alien theorists speculate that thousands of years ago our ancient ancestors witnessed aliens upon the earth.

These speculations are brought about by ancient texts on clay, stone or papyrus. Also by cave drawings, huge lines or drawings on the landscape but perhaps most of all by the fact that many ancient structures like the Pyramids seem to have required advanced technologies of some kind, in order to build them.

The “evidence” these theorists proclaim, are found from origins all over the planet. The texts tell of civilizations from other star systems and at times describe, in detail, these star systems. Some of these details are only today, with modern telescopes, being proven to be accurate.

Drawings show, what appear to be spacecraft and humanoids in space suits.

The ancient buildings speak for themselves in both their immensity and their intricacy that it is unfathomable to imagine how they could have been built, without an advanced technology.

The Great Pyramid

Two and a Half Million Stones
Two and a Half Million Stones | Source


The skeptics will say that the drawings are mere imagination; perhaps drawings of what had been seen in dreams.

What could have conjured up these images, even in the sub conscious?

The skeptics say that the writings are mere works of fantasy and that ancient writings should be considered as works of fiction.

What then, is to be thought of the Bible, Koran or other ancient religious scripts?

The skeptics say that the buildings could have been built with human intellect and slave power alone.

This may be true but the Great Pyramid is said to have two and a half million stones, each weighing two and a half tons. Experts say that it took twenty years to build: do the math. Without allowing for times to eat, days off, bad weather or darkness each stone would have to be cut, transported, aligned, placed and set in four and a half minutes. Where did these “Super Slaves” come from?

Lastly the skeptics say “why have we not found any real evidence, such as bones, machinery, etc.”

Perhaps the answer lies in logic?


From our own experiences from history and space exploration, we have found that coming into contact with a different environment and species, can just by contact alone be dangerous. Bacteria, viruses and diseases that we have not previously come in contact with, could be fatal. We therefore, correctly, treat these environments with caution. Wouldn’t any advanced life form visiting earth be equally cautious?

Would they not perhaps avoid personal contact with humans where possible?

When they did have to come into contact with a limited amount of humans, would they not select isolated places, such as the tops of mountains?

Would they not have set up a small group of humans [Priests] who would pass on their wishes to the rest of the humans?

Is it possible that they had structures especially erected [Pyramids, Etc.], as to where these Priests could first be decontaminated prior to their meetings?

All of these are precautions that we would ourselves take today. Would an advanced civilization be less careful?

We also try, whenever possible, to bring our dead home or perhaps a burial at sea.

Is it not possible that aliens would do the same thing but their burial would be in space?

Although we are relatively new to space exploration, we are already learning the hazards of space junk and the need perhaps to correctly dispose of any waste equipment or trash.

Why is it that when skeptics think of “advanced” civilizations, they always consider them to be LESS intelligent than themselves?


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    • profile image

      Maria Jose 5 years ago

      This is stupid the human race is totally devualuated, there is always an ouetr major force? Actually ancient civilizations aren't as rusty as we believe, the thing is we haven't advanced from ancient technology but made major improvements. Human capability is amazing and for the strange paintings, men evolve. We have evolve from 300 or 500 or even more years ago, some physical features change also mental, and I think mentally we are now less advanced than how we were(human race) in the "ancient" times.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 5 years ago from Earth

      @somethgblue: Most of these concepts are old news to me, but that Greada Treaty crap was new to me. I mean, why would the Greys be signing treaties? Plus, it obviously didn't accomplish very much, even if it were true. The outline of all that babble, is fairly common and often classified into the 'unknown' category or the science fiction section...

      Oh, trust me, fellow imaginative one: I've delved into the mystic hooey several years back, and honestly, my patience is poor so, nowadays, I mostly rely on my intuition and critical thinking abilities while keeping a strong grasp of logic and rationale.

      So, you know all about the inner-workings of the cosmos, eh?

      Wow! You're the first one on Earth to ever achieve such a feat!

      As for the aliens, I never doubted such things, even when I was just a child. To think that life doesn't exist elsewhere in the universe, is just plain insane, if ya ask me. :D

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Blue, check out my latest Collier news. His remains were found!!!

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      It is not arrogance . . . Trust the Word of One Who Knows!

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Not my interest, really...may be, could be, should be...

      Neither do I concurr with "somethingblue's comments," such arrogance: who do you think you are, bro, diogenes!


    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 5 years ago from India

      Its an awesome read. Good hub, well written. Voted UP

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Insane in the Mudbrain,

      That is old news, but I think we are slowly breaking you down to the mind expansion thing maybe there is hope for you after all.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 5 years ago from Earth

      I'm more impressed with the patience these alien beings must have, as opposed to their advanced intellect. They have supposedly been here for thousands and thousands of years, and have pity-patted around, outside of a few anal probes, cow mutilations, crop circles, flight displays, glowing beams, scaring the crap out of little kids, abductions, radiation issues, and ancient commands upon thee.

      If those little non-eating, small-mouthed, big-eyed, pale mechanical bastards don't announce their self publicly in the next year or so, I'm going to build my own freakin' spaceship! Ha-ha!

      Then again, we supposedly have several separate types of alien races that have visited Earth.

      Hey, have any of y'all heard of the Greada Treaty?

      Talk about some creative baloney to search through, check this crazy page out, that I found a few weeks ago:

      Uh, cheers! I guess... :/ LOL!

    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Disclosure has already started in many countries such as Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil. After the WhiteHouse's recent statement of denial I can't see them following up somehow. However, they have declassified some very interesting documents in the background whilst they were denying it - I guess that's their way of disclosure.

      The evidence goes back thousands of years throughout history. We've never been alone.

      Also, from what I've been reading, these extraterrestrials could be aetheric (or etheric) therefore no evidence would be left behind.

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Disclosure is imminent and will happen this year, whether the skeptics like it or not, stay tuned . . . same bat channel, same bat time!