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Applying to Princeton

Updated on July 26, 2012

Princeton's Beautiful Campus


Applying to Princeton

The fourth oldest University in the United States located in New Jersey is a non-domination academic institution which has a healthy endowment so all talented and gifted students from diverse back grounds can attend.

Princeton is also an Ivy League School which you might remember from the Movie “A Beautiful Mind”.

It is one of the few Ivy League Schools I do not know graduates so I can’t really share any inside information with you about this school. It does have a small student population by other University standard and it is a very tight community.

But for those of you looking to complete your education or are looking to apply to a University this year you might want to consider Princeton because it offers that select and unique learning experience with a high teacher student ratio.

Campus Life

It is centered and focused on academic excellence and is a relatively small campus in which all of the students or at least most of the students live. I believe housing is available for almost all students attending Princeton. This is quite different form most college campuses where it is a struggle to find decent housing off campus let alone housing on campus.


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