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Nibiru Planet X April 7, 2013 Earth Booms Announce Earthquakes and the Polar Shift

Updated on April 6, 2013

Earth Sounds

Earth sounds are becoming more common as the Pole Shift continues and as it draws to a conclusion it will become a everyday occurrence.
Earth sounds are becoming more common as the Pole Shift continues and as it draws to a conclusion it will become a everyday occurrence. | Source

Earth Sounds

Earth sounds are caused from vibrating tectonic plates as they rub against each other due to pressure and the release of pressure. The best example of this phenomenon is when you rub your finger around the rim of a half full wine glass and produce a humming sound. Because water is a great conductor of sound it turns the vibrating glass into a low pitch hum.

Because the current generation of mankind has never experienced this phenomenon it is easier for government institutions to create unorthodox explanations for these sounds that the public will easily accept. The reason The Powers That Be are unwilling to simply tell the public the truth is that they're uneasy about how mankind will react to the knowledge that the Earth's tectonic plates are moving.

  • They fear that if and when the public becomes aware that the Earth's tectonic plates are on the move, they will then begin to ask why.

  • This will of course lead most reasonable people to conclude that indeed a Pole Shift is taking place and look for answers to why this is happening.

  • This may lead them to discover that it is due to another planetary body in our solar system.

  • Because planets don't just suddenly appear out of nowhere, then most reasonably informed people will conclude that it has been in our solar system for some time.

  • Of course they will recognize that they have been lied to, which will then lead them to the reasonable assumption that if they would lie about this planet being in our solar system what else have they lied about.

  • At this point of their educational awakening they then might begin to contemplate all the stories of underground military bases and bunkers that the rich elite have been constructing for years.

  • They also might consider that the Earth is undergoing an extreme climate change or the real reason the polar ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising.

  • If these people perhaps live near coastlines or at sea level they may begin to contemplate leaving, very soon!

  • This of course might lead to mass migrations and panic however selling your sea front property will definitely become somewhat problematic.

Considering the impact that learning the truth might have on Johnny Joe Public, The Powers That Be prefer to lie, creating any and all manner of excuses to keep the public from learning the truth.

They would much prefer if Johnny Joe would leave public safety to the professional liars, keep going to their jobs, paying their taxes and live in complete ignorance. So what, if the potential for a very large 300 foot wave, mega-earthquake, massive sinkhole or volcanic eruption could happen at any moment in your backyard, after all that is what FEMA is for.

So the next time you feel your house shake or the Earth rumble, don't worry be happy, after all FEMA has hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins and one has your name on it.

However if for some miraculous reason you do survive the coming Polar Shift and get tired of eating insects or the occasional dog or cat, you can always check yourself into one of the many concentration camps FEMA has designed specifically for you, so that you can have three meals a day and somewhere safe to sleep.

Earth Sounds

The many Earth sounds being reported all over the United States from February of 2012 to late March of 2013 have many wondering if they are a prelude to the New Madrid Fault Zone adjustment that FEMA has been preparing for over the last four years. This article Nibiru Planet X April 7, 2013 Earth Booms Announce Earthquakes and the Polar Shift will attempt to explain just what they mean and how they will affect America in the near future.

To be sure the USGS and our own Government are well aware of what causes these loud booms, grinding, snapping and rumbling noises being reported from Alaska to Rhode Island but because of the coverup of the ongoing Polar Shift, they refuse to reveal this information, despite the fact that they are a precursor to earthquake's.

As the tectonic plates continue to move and shift due to the magnetic influence Nibiru Planet X is having on our planet, these sounds will only increase. As I have previously stated in my article written in February of 2012 Earth Sounds . . . Another Sign of the ongoing Polar Shift these sounds ARE NOT a mystery to The Powers That Be and Government Institutions, they just continue to keep the public in the dark for fear of losing control.

"Governments World wide know what is causing these Earth Sounds but because admitting they know would show that they are aware of the ongoing Polar Shift, they prefer to keep the public in the dark and claim ignorance."

These sounds are caused entirely by the pressure being exerted and released on tectonic plates in our country and world wide. Land that is near large bodies of water, where sound carries more easily, usually experience more of these sounds than other areas.

However what would be laughable, if the situation wasn't so serious, is some of the more outlandish explanations being offered to the public by elected officials, the military and various reasonable informed institutions in which the public trusts to ensure our safety.

The National Guard in Arkansas explained that the loud booms being heard thirty to fifty miles apart that shook the foundation of buildings and rattled windows near Little Rock, were actually echoes from mortar fire used in training exercises at nearby National Guard base. Perhaps this explanation 'might' convince a class of sixth graders but this story was actually released to the press.

The wide range of 'excuses' er . . . I mean explanations, have been from rock quarry blasting at night to blowing up old munitions to firing propane cannons at seagulls in a nearby landfill, who comes up with this stuff? To list all of the Earth Sounds being reported just in the last three months in the United States alone would fill up this entire article, suffice to say they are numerous.

I will say, that if the Obama Administration does not get on top of this story and other Earth Changes in the near future they will lose any and all credibility by the public. They can no longer afford to continue to keep the public in the dark about the ongoing Polar Shift because the landslides, Earth Sounds, sinkholes, earthquakes, tremors, volcanic eruptions and other natural phenomenon are just becoming too numerous to dismiss easily.

The loud Earth noises residents of the United States are hearing are from the Earth as it moves to the increased stress caused by shifting plates. As these plates rise and fall and rub against each other they vibrate created noises that most people have never heard before.

Because mankind has never experienced these type of sounds from the Earth before then it has become much easier for those in control of the media to mislead the public with rather unusual explanations.

A recent story from Florida is a perfect example of how the public continues to seek answers to the Earth Changes taking place in their backyards and yet remain firmly entrenched oblivious to the clear and present danger. Even though sinkholes and Earth Sounds are in the news constantly in Florida residents are still questioning what is happening in their State.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office says they received dozens of phone calls around 11:00 a.m.—one after another.

"I live on 3rd Avenue Southwest and 15 minutes ago there was a huge explosion. It like shook our sliders and shook part of our house," said one caller.

"Two loud booms we heard coming southwest of Marco Island, is that sonic booms or is someone blasting?" said another.

Because Florida is surrounded by water and at sea level these Earth sounds are heard more frequently in this State. Also due to the soil conditions the strata is more prone to sinkholes as well.

Earth Booms and Groans

Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire experiences on average 200 earthquakes a day.
The Ring of Fire experiences on average 200 earthquakes a day. | Source

Defying Logic

In another story that defies credibility, we have US Senator (Bill Nelson, D-Fla.) describing how NASA is exploring the concept of lassoing an asteroid robotically and parking it in a near orbit of the Moon so that astronauts and scientist can then study it and conduct further exploration.

Nelson also goes onto say that the Obama Administration is putting $100 million dollars into the project as part of the 2014 budget, so that NASA can find the right asteroid for the job.

"It really is a clever concept," Nelson said in a press conference in Orlando. "Go find your ideal candidate for an asteroid. Go get it robotically and bring it back."

Is this what our politicians and government leaders consider clever, hello anybody home?

In a time of impending fiscal disaster in this country, does anyone really believe capturing Near Earth Objects (NEOs) is a clever way to spend $100 million of our hard earned tax dollars?

The idea is beyond absurd, considering we haven't even established a permanent base on the Near Earth Object the Moon. Considering NASAs propensity to lie to the public on wide variety of space issues and topics can anyone really believe that their intentions are honorable and for space exploration?

What is more likely is that NASA intends to establish a permanent space environment on this asteroid, so that the rich elite can then pay exorbitant prices for passage to this asteroid base in case of a geographical cataclysm here on Earth.

This story is an obvious attempt to build up and hype an impending announcement by the Obama Administration to spend $100 million of our hard earned tax dollars on an idea intended to serve the rich elite while ignoring the plight of the common man. When the public learns to read between the lies and use critical thinking while trusting their heart, these kinds of stories become transparent.

Geographical Upheavals

Over thirty (30) major volcanoes are erupting around the world at this time, with over 55 in a state of uncertainty, this is no small amount of volcanic activity, folks. Over two hundred earthquakes are reported in the Pacific Ring of Fire on a daily basis with over 20 percent of these at a 4.0 richter scale or higher.

This tectonic activity is happening all over the world and in the United States as well and yet the Mainstream Media due to the clamp down of coverage enforced by those in control of our media refuse to allow this information to be reported.

The list of countries that have active volcanic activity includes but is not limited to Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, the continent of Antarctica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, DR Congo, Tanzania, Ecuador, Italy, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Russia, Bolivia, Argentina and the list goes on and on.

  • Can anyone really believe 'climate change' is providing the catalyst for volcanoes to begin erupting world wide?

  • Can anyone really conclude that air pollution, fracking and drilling are the reason behind the increase in tectonic Earth Sounds, landslides and earthquakes being felt and reported the world over?

  • Can we really afford to accept these unreasonable explanations for our changing planet by The Powers That Be, as these Earth Changes now become the daily routine for millions of people world wide?

  • Are we now to just easily accept extreme weather as the normal condition of our planet without demanding the truth from those we have entrusted with our lives and the lives of our children?

  • What are the spiritual implications of continuing to allow our entrusted government institutions to lie to us, spread disinformation or completely ignore the truth?

A recent story in Yahoo.News confirms that our planet has undergone dramatic Polar Shifts in a very short period of time, the last coming roughly 5,000 years ago. If you subscribe to the ancient Sumerian information regarding the orbit of Nibiru Planet X every 3,657 years, multiply by two and subtract back from 2013 you arrive with the -5,301 or 5,301 B.C.

This story explains how Northern Africa went from a humid tropical wet period to an instant desert almost overnight in geographical terms. Based on extensive research and analysis from dust deposited in the Atlantic Ocean scientist discovered that our planet has transformed many times in the past, usually on a regular cycle.

These are the kinds of stories, that although do not come right out say we are experiencing a current Polar Shift, do imply by using critical thinking, that we are currently at the end of this planetary cycle. The Powers That Be allow these kinds of stories to 'leak' into the public eye as a way of judging and conditioning humanity's perceptions and thought processes. This leads us to conclude that a world wide announcement maybe forthcoming in the near future.

Nibiru Planet X April 7, 2013 Earth Booms Announce Earthquakes and the Polar Shift was written specifically to address these kinds of stories being revealed in the press. It shows that scientist are willing and able to get news of the Polar Shift to the people if we learn how to decipher the news.

 The large earthquake in Eastern Russia emphasizes the tectonic plate movement world wide.
The large earthquake in Eastern Russia emphasizes the tectonic plate movement world wide. | Source

Announcement of Full Disclosure

This article Nibiru Planet X April 7, 2013 Earth Booms Announce Earthquakes and the Polar Shift was written not to spread fear or create disharmony but to allow my readers to speculate on the information I glean from the headlines and continued research.

It can be difficult to put the pieces of the Polar Shift puzzle together in a comprehensive way leading to understanding on how the many unusual geographic phenomenon provides answers that we all seek. However once we know what to look for and can begin to understand and link the information together, we can see the big picture unfold easier.

As more and more people begin to awake to the geographical changes taking place on our planet, we will not be shocked when a world wide announcement of the impending Polar Shift does take place. I believe that this kind of announcement will have to take place soon, or The Powers That Be and government's world wide will lose all credibility with the public at large.

Already the public is seeking answers to fundamental questions on the internet and through other more metaphysical means, such as meditation, channeling, astral travel and remote viewer's. Now that the public is awakening to the outright lies, deception and disinformation being spread by those wishing to keep the public firmly entrenched in ignorance, they have become less reliant on the Mainstream Media to provide them with the answers they seek.

This kind of change in the way humanity thinks and processes information can only lead to a more spiritual redefining of our paradigm and hopefully create a better understanding of the nature of humanity at large and our place in the Universe.

If the reader subscribes to the theory that our planet is a college for our soul's spiritual education, then the impending Polar Shift should be looked at as an opportunity to redefine our thinking, help us to create a new paradigm, while finding another way to live and co-exist with each other.


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      They are being heard more and more around the world and here in the US, coupled with the increase in sinkholes and fireballs, the truth can no longer be denied.

    • Beth 53 profile image

      Beth J. Benson 

      7 years ago from Richmond, Va.

      I heard these booms a few weeks back at 530 am. Its very surreal. Great article. Beth

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Thank you CS, I don't recall seeing you away from Iparte before now, thanks reading!

    • profile image

      captive spirit 

      7 years ago

      Awesome article. Very informative. Thank you.

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Agreed as it is just another attempt by TPTB to deceive us . . . !

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Pay close attention to "ISON"


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